Bennett Winch’s Single and Dual Watch Rolls are the future of time travel

Have you always wondered how to travel efficiently with your watch collection in tow? British brand Bennett Winch has the answers...

If you’ve never given much thought to time travel, it’s about — well — time. We’re not talking about futurism or science fiction; instead, we’re emphasising the need to consider how you travel with your watches. How often have you bemoaned the small selection offered, when it comes to watch rolls; how many times have you longed for smaller, simpler formats to match your needs, and then dismissed all thoughts of a triple watch roll on the basis that it’s just too extravagant a purchase for your small (but mighty) watch collection? Gents, we understand: and that’s why Bennett Winch is the brand you need to be paying attention to.

Because Bennett Winch is a brand that listens. They’ve heard your pleas for smaller formats and multiple use cases; and to say they’ve delivered would be a grave understatement. The British men’s luggage brand has unveiled a new collection of Single and Dual Watch Rolls: so if you’ve always wondered how to transport your Tudor Black Bay while your Vacheron Perpetual Calendar sits proudly on your wrist, you need wonder no more: Bennett Winch has solved all your watch transportation problems and answered your time travel queries in one fell swoop.

Bennett Winch’s considered, meticulous approach to watch transportation is right on cue with the brand’s history. Its products — which specialise in luxury bags, every single one handmade in England — are designed with “discerning minimalists” in mind. The phrase ‘quality over quantity’ is distinctly overused, but it is apt when discussing Bennett Winch products: the brand caters to those who seek to own fewer, better items. And where its Watch Rolls are concerned, the brand caters to those who own fewer watches, too.

You will, of course, be all too familiar with Bennett Winch’s prior success in the realm of watch rolls. The brand has collaborated with some of the world’s finest horologists, tanneries and craftspeople to eliminate the shortcomings associated with traditional watch storage; and the result of these transformative consultations was the world’s first flat-bed Watch Roll in 2020. After the triumphant success of the original format (the Triple Watch Roll), however, the brand carefully tuned in to how its customers — gentlemen such as (and maybe even including) yourself — were actually using the product.

The brand identified a strong need for single and dual versions of the Watch Roll: and the resulting products will elevate, transform and luxuriate your watch transportation. That seems like a lot for a watch roll to accomplish, we’ll admit: but by the time you’ve had an insight into the detail of this transformative product, you’ll be hard pressed not to agree.

In true Bennett Winch fashion, each Single and Dual Watch Roll is handmade in London, by the brand’s exemplary team of master craftsmen. The exterior boasts a set of sleek Tuscan leather panels (all cut from hand-selected hides, of course), which surround a flexible, dynamic Kevlar® core and a butter-soft Alcantara® suede lining.

When closed, these Watch Rolls have the appearance (and the function) of a stable, rigid, immovable shell — which is perfect for transporting your innately valuable watch all over the world. When opened, however, that hard exterior shell gives way to an exquisitely soft preparation and display surface: so you can trust that your family heirloom will be safely cushioned throughout that 24 hour flight.

Though it was the Bennett Winch S.C Holdall that appeared in No Time To Die, the Single and Dual Watch Rolls also draw a parallel with Britain’s favourite spy; both have a hard, durable exterior; and both have myriad hidden depths.

Bennett Winch is not driven by fleeting seasonal trends, or by the latest fashions (though its products are both on trend and discernibly fashionable). Instead, its objects are marked by both soul and purpose, as well as a desire for (ironically, in this instance) timeless quality. The brand believes that if you buy well, you need only buy once.

And when it comes to the Single and Dual Watch Rolls, it doesn’t matter if you’re transporting a centuries-old heirloom halfway across the world or if you’re bringing a small watch selection to a weekend house party: buying once is all you’ll need. For as long as you have a need to transport one or two watches at a time, these Bennett Winch Watch Rolls will make that journey infinitely easier; and they’ll be changing the future of time travel while they do it.

Bennett Winch Watch Rolls

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