The £4m Aston Martin submarine: James Bond defictionalised

Whet your appetite for Bond-style ocean exploration

Straight from the flowing nib of Ian Fleming’s fountain pen comes the Aston Martin-designed submarine in collaboration with Triton. At once a testament and homage to the idiosyncrasies of each company.

The £4m Aston Martin submarine: James Bond defictionalised

The interior is adorned with Aston Martin’s hand-stitched leather and high-performance carbon fibre, and the exterior has seen the traditional submarine lumpiness transformed into a sort of hydrodynamic razor blade.

The £4m Aston Martin submarine: James Bond defictionalised

Marek Reichman, Aston Martin EVP and Chief Creative Officer announced, “we have afforded as much attention to the hydrodynamics of the underside as we have the visible surfaces. Some of that detail may never be seen, but its effect will certainly be felt.”

It’s this attention to quality and to timeless style that we have come to know and love of Aston Martin. But equally, Triton’s reputation as “the most experienced civil submarine and submersible manufacturer in the world” had to be upheld here, ensuring the design was watertight and completely safe.

The £4m Aston Martin submarine: James Bond defictionalised

Not only is it a Bond villain’s fantasy made flesh being able to achieve depths of 500m and reaching a sprint speed of 5 knots (and approximately four times the acceleration of Triton’s current model), but it also boasts near 360 degree vision allowing passengers to soak up the alien sights of the deep sea.

On May 2nd at Barcelona’s LYBRA Superyacht Show, the pair announced the completion of the design phase, moving on into the beginning of the manufacturing phase. Described by Aston Martin as being a “strictly-limited edition vehicle”, the rarity of this allegedly £4m beauty makes it all the more covetous for the super yacht market.

There are build slots still open. Go check in with you local Aston Martin or Triton dealer now before they haughtily disappear like the evil mastermind they really should be transporting.

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