10 resort-ready pieces to up your après-ski style

Whether it’s a pair of sturdy shoes, a warming coat or a glare-beating pair of sunglasses, here’s what to pack for any off-piste activities…

Après-skiwear has gone too far. Just dip into a fondue hotspot, or take a detour through a terrace bar, and you’ll see what we mean. Taste, tradition, culture and class seem to have abandoned modern mountain-goers, leaving only bright colours, overly technical sportswear and more bushy faux fur than you can shake a ski pole at.

So we’re drawing a line in the snow. Enough, we say, of boorish Balenciaga snow shoes and ugly wraparound sunglasses. Let’s instead take inspiration from après-ski sessions of the past, when we’d return to our resorts and change before an evening of elegant, frosty fun. Here are ten pieces to keep you on the up, off the piste…

For something substantial but stylish, Aubin’s ‘Raleigh’ Coat

Let’s start snugly; with a warm, winter coat. But, while your snow-sporting days will be spent zipped into something puffy or padded (be that a ski jacket or a snow suit), your après evenings should be a little more fashion-forward. Thankfully, from Aubin, this design is inspired by the Royal Navy Duffle, and weaves together heritage and heat-giving wool.

Aubin Raleigh Wool Coat


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For a pair of toasty trousers, Benedict Raven’s ‘Clifton' Jeans

Throw on some thermals underneath, and most trousers can stand firm against the frost. But these versatile black jeans from Benedict Raven have hidden talents beyond their concealed zip fly. That slim-fit stretch denim is whipped up with 2% elastane, giving you mountain-scaling levels of movement — and five handy pockets offer plenty of room for ski passes and Swiss francs alike.

Benedict Raven ‘Clifton’ Jeans in Black


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For a piece of natty knitwear, Peregrine’s ‘Hudson’ Aran Jumper

There’s a reason that adventurers in the ‘Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration’ would wear jumpers woven from 100% British wool. Amongst the best in the world, these natural fibres are soft-but-sturdy, and promise to keep out the cold even when temperatures plummet. So modern day spins on the heavyweight style — such as this subtly patterned pullover from Peregrine — should more than stand up to St. Moritz evenings. 

Peregrine ‘Hudson’ Aran Jumper


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For a head-warming hat, Uniform Standard’s Merino Beanie

While the jeans and jumper above are purely après garms, there are certain choice accessories you can carry over from slope sessions to nighttime soirées. And, chief amongst them is a good, warm hat. We’d recommend a relatively basic beanie for this — free from bobbles, patterns or ungainly earflaps. Uniform Standard do a stellar one; knitted from luxuriously soft superfine mulesing-free lambswool and crafted in the windswept Scottish Highlands. 

Uniform Standard Merino Wool Beanie


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For a glare-beating pair, TBD Eyewear’s ‘ECO Lapel’ Sunglasses

Talk about a frosty pair of frames. From Milan-based TBD Eyewear, these slope-ready sunglasses look like they were hewn from the Dolomites themselves. It’s sustainably-sourced bio-acetate that gives that icy impression, and those grey lenses are perfect for deflecting any errant rays — whether you’re darting down a double black diamond or sinking Chartreuse on a mountaintop terrace.

TBD Eyewear ‘ECO Lapel’ Sunglasses


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For snug sophistication, Aurélien’s Extrafine Roll-Neck Jumper

Few bits of modern menswear are as suited to skiing as the roll-neck jumper. It’s part-pullover, half-scarf and full fashion. Chuck it on under your ski jacket for a day spent skiing and, before you head to a bar for some well-earned fondue, pair it with a blazer for an evening of après activities. Aurélien’s take is as shiny as silk; as soft as cashmere, crafted in Italy and primed to protect you from the sting of the slopes.

Aurélien Extrafine Merino Roll Neck


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For snow-proof shoes, Aurélien ‘City’ Chelsea Boots

What would you usually lace up come ski season? Solid-soled leather boots? A pair of padded snow shoes? Some slip-on, rubberised hikers? Whatever you wear, we’d wager you’ve never chosen Chelsea boots to see you through a ski break. But, while Aurélien’s ‘City’ boots, as their name suggests, shouldn’t take to the slopes, they’re the perfect waterproof, comfortable pair to wear when you head out for an evening on the resort town.

Aurélien City Chelsea Boots in Brown Grain


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For a versatile mid-layer, Aubin’s ‘Lysaghts’ Wool Overshirt

It’s easy to find the perfect base layer — just wear whatever’s comfortable. The same goes for ski jackets, which should prioritise performance. But mid-layers can be tricky. They must bridge the gap between fashion and function; cold and warm. For this, we’d always rely on wool — and Aubin’s button-up bit of classic workwear, the ‘Lysaghts’ overshirt, has topstitched hems, a lined yoke and double patch pockets to tick every mid-layer box there is. 

Aubin ‘Lysaghts’ Wool Overshirt


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For a supersoft accessory, Aurélien Cashmere Scarf

Every man should own a navy scarf. It’s as elegant as essentials come; with utility, versatility and style woven into every warming fibre. There are also no après-ski accessories you should prioritise packing over your navy scarf — especially if that scarf in question is Aurélien’s pure cashmere option. Softer than freshly fallen powder, it’ll wrap around your neck on-piste and keep it cosy until you tuck into your evening raclette. 

Aurélien Pure Cashmere Scarf in Navy


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For a slope-side sip, Ettinger Leather Hip Flask

Of course, all the sweaters and ski jackets in the Alps won’t keep you warm if you’re already feeling frosty on the inside. In that case, your only recourse is a strategic shot of something strong, rich and close-to-hand — or should that be hip? Because Ettinger’s 4oz hip flask is wrapped in durable goat leather, ergonomically shaped and has a captive screw top that’ll ensure you don’t lose its cap, even if you’re fumbling at it through furry gloves. 

Ettinger Leather Hip Flask in Marine Blue


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