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Apple launches new MacBook Pro, featuring ‘Touch Bar’

The tech giant's latest laptop is taking touchscreen to new levels

Yesterday, Apple launched a new iteration of their MacBook Pro – the laptop’s first update in 18 months.

As you’d expect, the newest iteration is both thinner and lighter than its predecessor, but it also plays host to some truly exciting new developments and innovative features that are sure to excite tech enthusiasts everywhere.

Apple launches new MacBook Pro, featuring ‘Touch Bar’

Most notably, the laptop now boasts a OLED touch panel above the standard keyboard. Named the ‘Touch Bar’, it acts as a replacement for the multi-function ‘F’ keys and allows the user to control everything from dynamic shortcuts to functions such as volume and window management.

It can even be used to navigate within browsers, edit photographs and other images and for suggesting/inserting emojis on those days at the office when words fail you.

Apple launches new MacBook Pro, featuring ‘Touch Bar’

Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing for Apple, said of the amazing capabilities of the Touch Bar at the launch event: “First it replaces the standard system functions, but it goes way beyond that. It adapts to whatever software you’re using”.

At the end of the Touch Bar, you will also find an Apple Touch ID finger print scanner, which is integrated with the power button. Much like the touch sensitive sensor that is already part of your iPhone or iPad, the button can be used to unlock the laptop as well as authenticate online payments that you make.

Apple launches new MacBook Pro, featuring ‘Touch Bar’

A feature initially included on last year’s MacBook facelift, USB-C is seen as the future of multi-purpose connections. However, it is essentially still a new connector, and this will cause problems for some people.

At the moment this connection is primarily used by Android smartphones and tablets, but not with accessories such as external storage and cameras – the types of tech that are critical tools for the creative professionals that typically opt to purchase the MacBook Pro.

Apple launches new MacBook Pro, featuring ‘Touch Bar’

Overall, it would appear that Apple have strived to make user experience even easier in the creation of the new MacBook Pro, so it will be interesting to see how the product fares amongst reviewers and buyers.

The laptop is available for purchase immediately at the price of £1,749 for the 13inch version and £2,349 for the 15 inch. Find out more at

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