Advent Calendar Day 19: Ballantine’s 30 Year Old Whisky

Worth £310, today be in with a chance of winning a bottle of this 30 Year Old Scotch whisky

On the nineteenth day of Christmas – There are few things as satisfying as opening a bottle of old, old whisky. Tearing the foil from the top and opening that bottle, containing a spirit aged for decades, is one of the best experiences for a whisky connoisseur. Coming in second, however, to actually drinking it.

The Ballantine’s 30 Year Old whisky is the result of the careful selection of perfectly aged malt and grain whiskies by the Ballantine’s Master Blender – and, lucky for you, today’s prize. With a deep gold colour, subtle sweet flavour on the nose and a complex palate of honey and vanilla, Ballantine’s 30 Year Old is an exceptional, rare and exclusive whisky. A sparkling gold colour, floral nose and aromatic palate give it a delightful complexity and make it a sophisticated blend to savour on special occasions.

And what does a 30 Year Old whisky taste like? In this instance, peaches, orange zest and nectarines – perfect for the festive season and – if it makes it – Burns Night as well. So, to be in with a chance to win by entering your details below and, if you’re not lucky enough to win this time, check out Ballantine’s 30 Year Old whisky here.

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