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Add a little la dolce vita to cocktail hour with Portofino Gin

Brighten up the darkest of winters with a little Italian sunshine

Chances are that, over the past few months, you’ve become quite adept at mixing up a stellar cocktail at home. With bars and pubs closing their doors we’ve all ben forced to become our own mixologists and, whether your serve of choice happens to be a negroni, martini or French 75, it’s likely you could now shake one up in your sleep.

But now you’ve got the method mastered, it’s time to start investing in finer ingredients and, when it comes to gin, there’s no spirit better for conjuring up the magic of a Mediterranean Golden Hour (even in the depths of winter) than Portofino Dry Gin.

Created by the Portofino native Pudel family in homage to their grandfather Klaus, famed for hosting some of the Italian Riviera most glamorous parties in the 1950s and 60s, Portofino Dry Gin bottles the vivacity, charm and wit of la dolce vita in one elegant spirit.

portofino gin

Intense and aromatic, Portofino Dry Gin’s distinctive flavour comes from the 21 carefully selected ingredients the family grows at its botanical sanctuary on the hills surrounding the famous Italian village. All local delicacies, a base of juniper is layered with complex notes of lemon, lavender, rosemary, sage, iris and rose.

Each batch is made using a combination of traditional and contemporary methods. From an old Italian copper still – used to distil local liqueur and grappa – to a state-of-the-art Rotavapor that produces vacuum distillation preserving the most delicate aromas from their fresh botanicals.

Opening with crisp flavours of lemon and juniper that immediately evoke the Italian coast, a heart of lightly herbal rosemary and lavender bring to mind long walks in the Italian sunshine before giving way to note of marjoram and sage that leave a flavour reminiscent of traditional Ligurian cooking on the tongue.

portofino gin

Of course, it wasn’t long before the world sat and up took notice of this distinctively Mediterranean spirit. This year alone the gin has won three coveted awards including the Master Medal at the 2020 Gin Masters blind-tasting competition, the Gold Medal at Gin Masters Asia and highest score the The Gin Guide Award 2020. And, if that still isn’t quite enough proof that you should be adding Portofino Dry Gin to your home bar, just look at that bottle. Just a glimpse of those colourful houses and rolling green hills make the world feel just a little bit happier.

Take it from us, there’s no better way to start your weekend that with a Portofino Dry Gin and tonic which is why we’ve teamed up with the brand to offer Gentleman’s Journal readers in the UK a special discount. Simply click here and sign up to the Portofino Dry Gin newsletter by 31 December 2020 to receive your unique 10% off discount code.

portofino gin

Portofino Dry Gin

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