8 grooming products every man should be using (but you’ve probably never heard of)

From ‘enzyme cleansers’ to ‘eye serums’, we’ve scoured the boutiques of Bicester Village to find the best grooming products for modern men…

When it comes to grooming gear, most men would be content with a razor and a bar of soap. But you’re not most men, are you? If you were, you wouldn’t have clicked on this article. Unlike most men, you’re open-minded; ready to broaden your bathroom cabinet and lather up more mists, masks and multi-recovery serums than you can shake a deodorant stick at.

Because there’s a whole new world of gents’ grooming out there. In the last few years alone, brands from ELEMIS to Clarins have expanded their male-only offerings; giving modern men the chance to spruce up and smooth out any of their remaining rough edges. There are innovative face washes formulated for our skin, ‘repair oils’ loaded with masculine-charged minerals and eye serums developed specifically with men in mind.

And the best of these potent, male-tailored grooming products come from existing, established brands. From Molton Brown to Shisheido, the leading lights in the beauty industry have zeroed in on a discerning, self-respecting market of men — and are introducing us to a whole new world of products. And the best place to find these brands, all in one place? Bicester Village.

When it comes to grooming and beauty products, the luxury shopping destination scrubs up very, very well. Whether you’re popping into Beauté Prestige International or The Cosmetics Company Store, there’s something for every man’s morning routine to be found along the Oxfordshire cobbles. So, before the cold winter air gets the better of your grooming rituals, here are the 8 products every man should be using — all available, with handsome discounts, at Bicester Village…

First up, a ‘Pro-Collagen Mask’

When men think ‘face mask’, our minds tend to jump to towel turbans and cucumber slices. But there’s more to masks these days — they could even be key to slowing down our skin’s ageing process. And, from sheet masks to peel-offs, there’s plenty of options out there.

But the best, in our soft, supple-skinned opinion, is the ‘Pro-Collagen Marine Mask’ from Elemis. Not only is Elemis a trusted name (in both our bathroom cabinets and the wider industry), but this twice-weekly, antioxidant-rich formula is infused with Argan oil and brown algae to stimulate collagen synthesis — and hydrate your face. 

8 grooming products every man should be using (but you’ve probably never heard of)

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Mask

£42 (RRP £52)

Next, spritz a ‘Protection Mist’

Think a fine, gentle mist may be ineffectual? Think again. These lightweight, spritzable sprays may have misted under your radar until now — but they’re a great, unobtrusive way to moisturise your face while protecting it from environmental stressors.

And, whilst women have adopted these sprays as a way to moisturise without affecting their make-up, they work just as well for men. We’d go for Clarins’ ‘Hydrating Multi Protection Mist’, formulated with white horehound and furcellaria to protect your skin from city centre pollution. 

8 grooming products every man should be using (but you’ve probably never heard of)

Clarins Hydrating Multi Protection Mist

£19.50 (RRP £26)

Embrace the benefits of ‘Dry Oil’

Here’s one for anybody struggling with stress. ‘Dry oil’ is a masterstroke of serene self-care and, while ‘dry’ is something of a misnomer — these oils tend to be sprayed like the mist above — adding a spritz or two to your morning routine will set you up serenely for the day ahead.

It’s a self-massaging sort of product, warmed in your hands and then briefly worked into your skin to calm both mind and body. From Rituals, we’d opt for ‘The Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oil’, with anti-inflammatory properties and hydrating coconut oil.

8 grooming products every man should be using (but you’ve probably never heard of)

Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oil

£13.65 (RRP £19.50)

Try an ‘Enzyme Cleanser’

Forget everything you know about face washes. Because, while you’ve likely been washing with charcoal scrubs or micro-bead exfoliators, there’s a new cleanser on the block — and it harnesses the skin-refining power of enzymes.

These proteins are biological catalysts, and ‘enzyme cleansers’ sluice impurities and dead cells off your face without physically damaging your skin. Take Elemis’ ‘Dynamic Resurfacing Face Wash’; with tri-enzyme technology (and a lovely hint of white truffle), it’ll refine your face to reveal an even and radiant complexion.

8 grooming products every man should be using (but you’ve probably never heard of)

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Face Wash

£36 (RRP £40)

Stick up for ‘Solid Deodorant’

Most men wince at the thought of stick deodorant. An aerosol spray — though not as environmentally-friendly — has none of the mess or sticky residue of stick deodorant. But the benefits outweigh these negatives; it’s unlikely to stain in the same way, can be applied inconspicuously and is considerably more targeted than a spray.

And even those persuasive positives pale when compared to the real selling point; the scent. Choose well — we’d go for Molton Brown’s ‘Deo Stick Bushukan’ — and you’ll come up smelling like roses all day long. Or, in this roll-on’s case, smelling like heady citrus and herbaceous aromas. 

8 grooming products every man should be using (but you’ve probably never heard of)

Molton Brown Deo Stick Bushukan

£13.30 (RRP £20)

Introduce ‘Night Serum’ into your routine

There are so many serum, salves, lotions and liniments available to modern men that most of us just steer clear — especially when the stuff is sold as ‘unisex’. But some of these non-gendered gels and creams can work wonders, especially if you leave them on all night.

That’s right; overnight serums. It’s a strange feeling at first, but if you persist with something like Estee Lauder’s ridiculously-named ‘Advanced Night Repair Serum Synchronised Multi-Recovery Complex’, you’ll soon start to noticed a reduction in wrinkles, firmer skin and a less oily complexion. Trust us, and try it — you’ll find it in the Cosmetics Company Store boutique at Bicester Village.

8 grooming products every man should be using (but you’ve probably never heard of)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

£36 (RRP £46)

Add an ‘Eye Serum’ to your routine

If you find yourself waking up a little less than bright-eyed, a serum such as this from Shisheido will sort you out. Eye serums work to reduce dark circles and bags under your eyes, and have become an invaluable part of our morning routines since brands began developing them specifically for men.

This ‘Shisheido Men Total Revitalizer Eye Serum’ — available in the ‘Shiseido Mens Skin Empower Cream Kit’ at Bicester’s Beauté Prestige International boutique — was inspired by the cosmetic procedure of Hyaluronic Acid injections, and will work on any skin type.

8 grooming products every man should be using (but you’ve probably never heard of)

Shiseido Mens Skin Empower Cream Kit

£48.50 (RRP £97)

Plump for an ‘Organic Lip Balm’

While you may not carry one in your pocket, most men will have at least some experience with lip balms — especially during winter months. But, rather than picking up a budget chapstick and hoping it’ll do the job, you should seek out an organic option.

Why? Because, like Bamford’s ‘Botanic Lip Balm’, these all-natural alternatives are chock-full of minerals and vitamins. From healing arnica and nourishing cocoa butter to the deliciously refreshing notes of grapefruit and peppermint, lip balms like this should be a mainstay of every man’s grooming routine.

8 grooming products every man should be using (but you’ve probably never heard of)

Bamford Botanic Lip Balm

£9 (RRP £14)

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