6 style tips you can take from Ryan Gosling

Get sartorially schooled by cinema's modern-day King of Cool

From showing off his sartorial skills in Gangster Squad and The Big Short, to displaying a mastery of signature styles in The Nice Guys, Blue Valentine and Drive – who could forget that scorpion jacket? – Ryan Gosling is a bona fide fashionista of film.

Indeed, in one memorable sequence of 2011’s Crazy, Stupid, Love, the Oscar-nominated actor even took Steve Carrell’s drab, suburban dad under his wing and taught him the rules of fashion, from “never wear sneakers in public, ever,” to “a man can rebuild his entire wardrobe from 16 items”. But how can Gosling teach the man-on-the-street to become the man-about-town?

Add some flair to your formalwear

Never one to shy away from a brightly-coloured suit, Gosling’s gumption is to be admired. His maroon, blue and green stand out on the red carpet – and act as proof that black tie can be exciting as you dare make it.

White Ts are anything but plain

As part of the right outfit, the white t-shirt can be both understated and the centre of attention. Gosling prefers a scoop neck, and adds a little more interest by folding back his sleeves. Add jeans, belt and sunglasses and you’ve got an instantly iconic look.

Check out the checked shirts

Be it in cotton, flannel or silk, Gosling can rock checks – and so should you. Adding interest to an outfit, checked shirts are versatile, colourful and effortlessly cool. Pair with dark jeans and – most importantly – leave untucked.

To tie or not to tie?

In another step forward in the world of formalwear, Gosling went through a spate of leaving his tie at home and letting his suit speak for itself. A tricky one to pull off – unless you can fall back on a statement shirt – this is a bold move for the brave.

The alternative jacket

From a double-breasted denim to what is essentially a bulked up checked shirt, Gosling has embraced the alternative jacket ever since he wore a scorpion-emblazoned satin number in 2011’s Drive. Top tip if you’re thinking of doing the same? Keep the rest of your outfit very simple – it is dangerously easy for things to tip from alternative into silly.

Believe in short sleeves

A perennial argument of the fashion world – are short-sleeved shirts cool? When Gosling wears them, of course they are. Follow his lead by opening the collar, tucking in (but not too tightly) and further rolling those sleeves to make them even shorter. Shorter, you say? Gosling says yes – if you’re going for it, believe in the sleeves.

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