5 ways to make a woman laugh

Women love a funny guy; it’s one of the oldest cliches about women but it’s so true. Think about all the lovers Peter Sellers, Woody Allen and Peter Cook accrued during their lives. But the woman that you’re trying to charm will often present the most difficult audience – here are 5 surefire ways to make a woman laugh.


Anybody can look up jokes on the internet, remember a few of the best ones and bring them up at an opportune moment. For instance if you’re date was to start talking about her fear of visiting the dentist, you could whip out the zinger; ‘What’s the difference between a dentist and a sadist…?’ the answer being of course; ‘Newer magazines.’


Women enjoy silliness – in moderation. By being silly in a plethora of ways; making animal noises, impersonating people, breaking into song, lavishing ironic praise upon her etc you can break down inhibitions and barriers and get her to be more comfortable with you. There’s a fine line though between being silly and being a complete idiot – make sure you don’t cross it though.


Anecdotes are easier to tell than jokes you’ve learned because, more often than not, they have happened to you or to a friend. For instance; I was once at the National Theatre with friends to see Ralph Fiennes in Oedipus Rex, unfortunately our seats were all apart and so we didn’t see each other until the end of the play. At the end I found my chum James and he extolled the performance which greatly pleased me. However after he started saying how much he enjoyed ‘that moment where Robert and Lorenzo kissed’, I started to get confused. It transpired that he’d walked into the wrong theatre and watched a conceptual, gay interest dance performance called To be Straight With You, rather than Sophocles’s classic tragedy – I thought I would die of laughter when it transpired that he’d seen the wrong show.


If you know anything about women, you’ll know that they don’t like ‘arrogant men’. Being self deprecating is a great way to ensure that you don’t come across as arrogant – but at the same time you display innate confidence as you’re essentially laughing at yourself. It is a win-win situation and a great way to get a woman to laugh.


If you poke fun at a lady in a friendly sort of a way – not only will she find it funny, she’ll also realise that it’s a form of flirting and will respond accordingly. Again, it indicates confidence if you can gently tease her – she will get flustered and flirtatious, though again it’s important not to overstep the mark. As with all of these pointers, the subtlety of their execution is the key to their successful utility.

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