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5 style icons who knew how to dress for autumn

From James Dean’s jackets to Clint Eastwood’s cardigans, these are the kings of seasonal dressing

There’s nothing more stressful than seasonal dressing. As the summer slips away, but before winter rears its frosty head, autumn has arrived – with its uncertain showers to screw up your style. But the same icons who inform your wardrobe all year round are also on hand to help you through these transitional months. So, to ensure fall isn’t your downfall, look to these style titans to see you through.

5 style icons who knew how to dress for autumn

Steve McQueen shows you how to wear a Harrington

The key to getting through autumn in comfort is to invest in a staple light jacket. Go for something that will layer effortlessly and stylishly with everything you own – such as the Harrington jacket. The first of our five autumn jacket suggestions, Steve McQueen made the Harrington his own. With a two-button neck fastening, ribbed cuffs and hem, flap-covered side pockets – not to forget the signature tartan lining – channel your inner icon with McQueen’s choice.

5 style icons who knew how to dress for autumn

James Dean goes leather for motorcycling chic

It takes a certain type of man to pull off a leather jacket – not your average office type – and James Dean knew how to rock the rocker’s favourite. The number of cuts and designs is limitless, so get searching for your perfect leather jacket to bring autumn up to the style standard you want. Warming when they need to be, but not as heavy as other coats or jackets, this is the perfect transition piece. Just ask Jimmy Dean.

5 style icons who knew how to dress for autumn

Clint Eastwood proves cardigans can be cool

Cardigans aren’t necessarily jackets, but they’re the perfect lightweight layering option to see you through from the warmer months to the cold season. Clint Eastwood was often seen rocking this particular knitwear – with mixed results. But, when he got it right, the man with no name looked cooler than almost everyone else on this list. Paired with a simple polo shirt, this is off-duty, preppy style at its finest. Invest now.

5 style icons who knew how to dress for autumn

Robert Redford brings the vintage cool with shearling

When shearling made a reappearance several years ago, it was in its hefty, warm form – big jackets and long coats that you couldn’t even go near without breaking a sweat. Now though, after getting its furry feet under the door of fashion, shearling is available in lighter, thinner options which make it great for both layering and getting through the strange autumnal months – when it can be gloriously sunny one moment, and freezing the next. Look to Robert Redford for styling cues – he knew how to rock the look.

5 style icons who knew how to dress for autumn

Harrison Ford takes tailoring into everyday wear

A man out of time, Harrison Ford looks here in the 1970s how every man looks today. With his side-swept hair and sunglasses, follow in the steps of the man who would be Han Solo and Indiana Jones by grabbing your blazer or smart jacket, and pairing it with a casual shirt and jeans. The slim cut will keep you warm – but also ensure you look the coolest you can.

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