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A distinctly masculine exercise, the wet shave is something that many men do on a regular basis. With the popularity of the beard filtering out somewhat, more and more men will likely be turning to the trusty razor, but if it’s something that they have little experience in then mistakes will be made. To help those in need we thought we’d highlight some of the most common shaving mistakes of all, so that you can avoid them and achieve that silky smooth face you so desire.

POOR PREPARATION, As with most things in life, if you prepare well you will have a higher chance of succeeding. Before shaving it’s important that your face is ready, so rinse your face with warm water to allow your pores to open up. Placing a hot towel over your face will be even better, as the steam will soften the hairs too, resulting in a smoother glide. To help prepare further you should use a shaving brush to create the perfect lather, which will reduce sensitivity and again give you an easier time with the blades. Just remember gents; preparation prevents poor performance.

LACK OF PATIENCE, The second next important thing to preparation is patience. If you have sensitive skin do not rush the shaving process as this will only cause irritation. Take slow, deliberate movements in the direction of growth for maximum effectiveness.

OLD BLADES, This one should go without saying. Not replacing your blades can damage your skin as the blunt edges will drag, causing friction and increasing the possibility of getting cut.

SHAVING AGAINST THE GRAIN, Technique is of course paramount, but the direction in which you shave can also harm your skin. Unless you boast the rugged jaw of a steely cowboy, shaving against the direction of hair growth can severely irritate your skin, particularly in the neck area.

NEGLECTING MOISTURISER, As with preparation, the actions you take after the shave can be critical. Moisturising should take place daily anyway, but when shaving, it’s particularly important as it helps to repair the skin after the battering you have just given it.

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