5 reasons to become a Gentleman’s Journal VIP

It’s high time you started living the rich life. Here’s the best way to do it…

We all subscribe to the idea of living a richer life — of having the best style, the fastest car, the wittiest anecdotes. We subscribe to wanting to better ourselves, improve our social status and business acumen. And we subscribe to the ways of the modern gentleman.

"We all subscribe to the idea of living a richer life..."

But how do we achieve all this? That’s easy. By subscribing — this time to the Gentleman’s Journal VIP Clubhouse. The entry requirements are simple: a drive for self-improvement, an appreciation and willingness to invest in the finer things, to be a high-achiever in all aspects of life while being polite, decent and fair.

And, once you’re a member, the benefits begin. Read on to see what it means to be a VIP member of the Gentleman’s Journal network…

You’ll get impressive discounts on our approved brands

5 reasons to become a Gentleman’s Journal VIP

Over at Gentleman’s Journal, we have our favourite brands. They’re the labels we rely on — impeccably well-made and with heritages and histories that could keep you engrossed for hours. And, when you become a VIP subscriber, you will get selected, considerable discounts at these brands.

From New & Lingwood and Bennett Winch to Sunspel and Luca Faloni, your wardrobe is sorted. Black Tomato will ensure your global travels fly by smoothly, and Vroomerz won’t rest until you have a car at your disposal wherever you end up in the world. Not only that, with free champagne at a selection of restaurants, you’ll eat and drink well, too.

You’ll be invited to parties and events like no other

5 reasons to become a Gentleman’s Journal VIP

In the last year alone, VIP subscribers had the chance to attend a number of Gentleman’s Journal parties. From a workshop at Floris’ Jermyn Street store to the GJ Fifth Anniversary party, held on Savile Row last December, invites to dinners, soirees and get-togethers will be rolled out across the year.

And who doesn’t like a party? With drinks and food provided by one of the many friends of the brand, these are the social events of the season.

You’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals

christoph waltz interview

The events hosted by Gentleman’s Journal will give you the chance to not only meet the members of the team behind the magazine and GJ online, but also the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals in a stylish setting.

We can connect you to other people who share your passions, interests, and could even facilitate your new entrepreneurial endeavour or start up. In the GJ community, we’re all keen to help each other — so we can succeed together.

We open doors that would otherwise remained closed

5 reasons to become a Gentleman’s Journal VIP

As a leading luxury lifestyle bureau, Gentleman’s Journal is your friend in high places. Not only can we connect you to like-minded individuals and potential business associates through our events and meets, but we can also pass on life lessons from everyone we interview, from entrepreneurs to film stars.

And your access goes beyond advice. We can also take you behind doors that would otherwise remain closed to you — from what goes into the BAFTA awards ceremony to a behind-the-scenes look at a Christie’s art auction. The Gentleman’s Journal name opens these doors, and that’s just another reason it pays to be a part of the brand.

There’s one simple fee, that includes every magazine we publish

5 reasons to become a Gentleman’s Journal VIP

Gentleman’s Journal magazine is one of the best luxury men’s publications on the market. Full of the best products you can buy, the best stories you’re likely to hear and the latest styles, it is a must-have read for any modern discerning gentleman — and is the cornerstone of the VIP subscription package.

Delivered to your door six times a year, each issue includes an exclusive interview with our cover star, gripping features that span travel, business and politics, and an extended pick of the best fashions, gadgets, cars and drinks available for you to buy. It’s your bi-monthly bible for living a rich life.

5 reasons to become a Gentleman’s Journal VIP

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