The 5 pieces of tech every start up needs in 2018

From a smartphone armed with artificial intelligence to a solar powered charging pack, this is the tech new businesses should be buying

In an shrinking business world – where companies from Fox to Whole Foods are concertinaing into brand giants such as Disney and Amazon – it is increasingly important for businesses to have their fingers on the pulse. From buyouts to bitcoin, tech plays a huge part in the strategy and success of modern companies – so gadgetry has never been so important for entrepreneurs. Be it a versatile laptop or smarter-than-usual smartphone, these are the purchases you should be making to get ahead in business…

Huawei MateBook

Dubbed ‘The New Style of Business’, Huawei’s new laptop-slash-tablet acknowledges that both brains and beauty are important in the world of business. Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, the new powerfully professional MateBook also features up to 8 GB LPDDR3 & up to 512 GB high-speed SSD. Equipped with a 6th Gen Intel Core m7 dual-core processor that clocks in at a blazing fast 3.1 GHz, you can easily organise, prioritise, and visualize every part of your life with ease – perfect for the budding businessman.

And above all else, the MateBook is so versatile that it can respond to and help you tackle any problem that may come your way. A stylus turns it into a notepad, a keyboard into a laptop and a slimline tablet form makes this the perfect companion to accompany you to meetings or on business trips. As Huawei also shrewdly observe, it is ‘a workplace for the future’. And, to be at the vanguard of business, the future is exactly where you should be facing…

Solpro Helios Smart

There are times, amidst back-to-back meetings, arduous commutes and late nights in the office, when your gadgets are inevitably going to die on you. And, typically, these power outages will come just minutes before an important conference call rings or a long-awaited email drops into your inbox. As such, a portable charger is paramount – and none are better, or more economically-minded, than the Solpro Helios Smart.

A high performance power bank, giving ultimate reliability by storing energy from both the built-in solar panel and the USB charge port, the Helios Smart can provide continuous power even when off-grid. In just 4 hours, the power bank will collect enough power to fully charge 3 of your gadgets – to ensure that none of your tablets or smartphones run out of juice when your fledgling business needs them the most.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

It may sound either a little bit sinister, or slightly superspy-ish, but having a pen that both records and transcribes your conversations, meetings or interviews is actually incredibly helpful. With the ability to replay your meetings simply by tapping on your notes, as well as transferring, saving and searching through your conversations, you can also easily share your notes and audio in sound or standard PDF files.

In a new business environment, the ability to keep track of all correspondence, agreements and meetings is invaluable. You can chart back where business relationships began, why certain decisions were made, and get minutes and notes with a fraction of the effort it would take without the pen. And that’s as good a reason to invest as we can think of.

Huawei Mate10 Pro

Launched in conjunction with the Tomorrow Entrepreneurs – a group of innovative individuals from the co-founder of a bionics company to the CEO of The Social Chain agency – the Huawei Mate10 Pro is possibly the biggest step forward for the smartphone since the invention of the smartphone itself. Armed with the world’s first Kirin AI processor, this is a gadget that brings artificial intelligence truly into every day life – ensuring a faster, stronger and seamless smartphone experience.

The brand’s SuperCharge technology will not only keep your phone powered up whenever you may need it, but clearer calling and better connectivity than almost any other phone will keep any rising entrepreneurs plugged in and reachable at any time. And that’s not even mentioning the intuitive and simple user interface, smart screen and water resistance. It’s reliable in almost every way – and will give young businesses the support and peace of mind they need to succeed.

LG HU80K 150-inch Projector

Nothing makes a splash at a presentation like scale. Your iPad is all well and good, but when a table of potential investors have to pass it like a parcel around the table to see your meticulously-made pie chart close up, your presentation will lose a little of its pizzazz. Enter LG.

It may not be for sale just yet, but the LG HU80K 150-inch 4K UHD projector has just been revealed at 2018 CES, and is said to be one of the best ever created in its field. Lightweight, it can be brought into any meeting and powered up to project all of your facts and figures for everyone to see – in startlingly crisp definition.

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