5 male fashion trends women secretly hate

Men are easily led. We may not want to admit it, but that’s undoubtedly the case.

Men are easily led. We may not want to admit it, but that’s undoubtedly the case. DiCaprio grows out a man bun? So do half the hipsters around the world. Clooney bushes out his beard? Bristles crop up on the chins of men from London to Los Angeles. But none of these are pleasing to the ones that matter, the women in our lives. Avoid these 5 trends like the plague, or expect consequences.

The T-shirt, once a humble base layer, has committed so many fashion faux pas over recent years that we’re close to giving up on it. From longline designs to intentional rips, the number of bastardisations is getting ridiculous – and none is more mental than the deep V-neck.

Men, no woman wants to see a sliver of your chest when you’re wearing a T-shirt. Granted, many men don’t button up their button downs sufficiently, but that could be the fault of a dodgy button or a rushed morning. With a deep V-neck, you’ve made a conscious decision to showcase your sternum to the world, and we’re hear to tell you that that isn’t a sight any woman wants to see, hairy chest or not – but that’s a whole different quibble…

It’s a scientific fact that stubble makes a man sexier, but it’s also proven that you can have too much of a good thing. Let your facial hair bristle out a bit, but if you get carried away and let your fuzz explode out into a chin-consuming tangle of unkempt fur, you’ll end up looking more homeless than handsome.

Reach for the razor then, gentlemen. Either than or have a really good trim back, keeping things tight and in shape. The end of the beard boom is coming into smooth-chinned sight, and a large number of women never liked that facial fluff we’ve been sporting for the last few years…

The classic vest is underwear. Clear? Walking around in your boxers would be seen as vulgar, undignified, strange. Well think of wearing your vest in public in the same vein. No matter how big you think your ‘guns’ are, contrary to what you might think no one actually wants to have to look at your arms or your hideously long chest hair (sorry).

If your reasoning for donning the vest is to save layers and steer clear of the heat, opt for a linen shirt or a light cotton t-shirt. Both will do just the job, without leaving you red in the face.

Skinny jeans are made for women – end of. Wearing too-tight jeans is nothing but an absolute style faux-pas and undoubtedly one of the easiest way to put a women instantly off you. If you had to lie on the floor or sit on the bed to get them on, there’s absolutely no way you should be wearing them.

Stylish men, of course, will know that the only trousers worth wearing are a decent-fitting pair of jeans or a pair of elegantly tailors chinos.

In the same vein as the vest or the too-tight jeans, wearing short shorts is only going to result in a severe case of women being put off you the moment they’ve set eyes on you. Anything that skims your thigh is way too short, and it’s more of a risk to take than anything else. The only thing worse than short shorts? White short shorts.

Instead opt for a chino-inspired pair of shorts, which ideally will sit a couple of inches above the knee and never, ever any higher. Okay?

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