5 of the best headphones for running

Listening to music can encourage you to exercise harder. So pick a pair and plug in now

Most of us plug our headphones in before a run to combat boredom. But studies have shown that piping music into our ears during exercise can actually be beneficial beyond entertainment. Upbeat tunes can reduce the feelings of exertion, enhance happiness and excitement and reduce any overthinking or focus on pain.

So, with music imbuing your run with a metronomic pace, encouraging a more positive mindset and scientifically upping your energy gains by up to 7 per cent, a good pair of headphones are more important than ever. Here are our pick of the best, from wireless over-ears to wired in-ears.

5 of the best headphones for running

Urbanears Hellas

Cord-free and crafted from sweat-repelling sports material, Urbanears’ offering for the work out headphone market are designed for the practically-minded. 14 hours of wireless play time per charge, a built in swipe interface and flexible 3D hinge pair with a collapsible structure and built-in microphone to give you everything you need for an entertaining and encouraging run.

And the best thing about the Hellas? That handy material. For, if you’ve run a particularly strenuous stretch, and have sweated into your headphones, simply detach both the headband and ear cushions and throw them in the wash to freshen them back up.

5 of the best headphones for running

Trekz Titanium

The lightweight and comfortable Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones are allegedly the safest alternative to traditional sport headphones and earbuds. Why? Bone conduction technology, an open ear design and a suite of convenient features come together in a sleek, yet angular design, to deliver crystal clear music.

Designed alongside athletes to ensure that any issues or problems are taken care of, Trekz Titanium are sweatproof, secure, and will allow you to hear your surroundings and your music as crisply as each other.

5 of the best headphones for running

Jaybird X3

The third generation of the X-Series is even smaller than its predecessor, with bigger sound, better battery, and our most secure-fit ever. With full helmet compatibility and the pioneering Jaybird App which allows you to control your headphones from your smartphone screen, these sleek and small wireless headphones are bound to upgrade your running experience.

8 hours of play time is enviable for such small headphones, and sweat and water resistance is a welcome feature thrown into the bargain. Finally – and solving a perennial problem for in-ear running headphones – the secure and very comfortable design of the buds features interchangeable tips and fins to mould perfectly to your ear shape.

5 of the best headphones for running

Bose SoundSport

Not just for running – Bose have created some of the most rugged headphones on the market which could deal with some of the most extreme sports you could throw at them. Secure, comfortable and boasting powerful audio, these wireless headphones will keep you chugging along even across the roughest of terrains.

And, couple this superior technology – the SoundSports are also weather and sweat-resistant – with the Bose Connect App, and your headphones will unlock even more potential. Personalise your settings, keep your connection steady and unwavering, and smash your personal best.

5 of the best headphones for running

Backbeat Fit

Flexible, durable and waterproof, the Backbeat Fits are a revelation in running headphones. A waterproof design meets the IP57 rating and an additional sweat-proof nano-coating keeps things secure regardless of what you throw at them. On a bendy, round-head band, these are not just bold and colourful – they also have the tech to back up the bold design.

Eight hours of listening from a single charge mean that BackBeat FIT helps you power through a full week of workouts – and subtle voice alerts let you know how much listening time you have left. We also love the 15-minute quick charge – which provides an hour of play to keep you charged for your briefest of evening runs.

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