3 men’s hairstyles that women hate

Aside from the more obvious hairstyles that women hate (think: the mullet, the combover, the Mohawk), there are a few hairstyles that we’ve been noticing around town in recent months that quite simply must go, gents. Women judge men on their hair just as much as they do on their shoes, ie – a lot. So take note gentlemen and act accordingly, with spring on the horizon it’s a good excuse to mix things up and try a new look, especially if you’ve been sporting one of these less than desirable looks of late.


Top Knot - TGJ

(Photo credit: Karjai Khyme Lisbie)

Whilst the recent video of 3 South African men going around town chopping off the top-know may be a little on the harsh side, they’ve got a point. The top-knot is not a good look, gents. In fact, it’s hated by every woman in this office and we’ve spoke to several others about it and it was quite honestly a universal no from womankind in general. Make your mind up – do you want it all long enough to wear like the bearded hipster bun supporters, or do you want it shaved – one or the other is fine, but both? Just no.


Brad Pitt Hair - tgj

Whilst most woman aren’t adverse to a subtle slick back, in fact when worn like Justin Timberlake it’s actually one of the hairstyles that women find the most attractive, but using so much product that your hair actually goes hard or done in such a way that you can see the physical comb marks that have gone through your hair is a step too far. Keep it subtle guys.


Faux Hawk - TGJ

So it’s not nearly as bad as the actual Mohawk, but the faux-hawk isn’t a good look either and trust us when we tell you that women are not going weak at the knees for this hairstyle either. It’s all a bit too 90s for us, just try combing it in a different way or trim a few lengths from the top and you’re set to take on spring in perfect style.

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