21 UK start-ups tipped for success in 2021

From AI innovations to food delivery serviced with a difference, these forward-looking start-ups prove British industry is alive and kicking

Deliveroo’s marquee IPO may not have gone quite as planned, but to write off British start-ups entirely would be foolish to say the least. 

From healthcare companies helping to streamline the process of caring for yourself and your staff to freight companies looking to make business simpler and payment apps designed to give power to employees, every start-up on this list shares a mission of making your life that little bit more efficient. 

Some are already making waves; some are just starting to ripple — all are worthy of your attention.

Ali Parsa, founder of Babylon Health

Babylon Health

Funds raised to date: £457 million

Using AI to connect patients with healthcare providers, Babylon Health received a huge boost during the Covid-19 pandemic, reaching total funding of over £457 million last year. With health and wellbeing increasingly at the forefront of consumers’ lives, its future may be very healthy indeed.

Poplar Studio

Funds raised to date: £1.5 million

This up-and-coming 3D and AR creative platform will help you pull together engaging campaigns on demand. Whether you’re designing for marketing or retail, both small and large businesses can commission bespoke AR projects from the best experts in the industry. Best of all, the whole process is not only simple and quick, but affordable. 


Funds raised to date: £2.8 million

This fintech start-up helps you embed banking payments into your product almost instantly – be it a mobile app, SaaS platform of in office operations. The brand has been built from the ground up, partnering with specific payment providers and financial institutions to make the user experience near seamless.


Funds raised to date: £429 million

This used car start-up is on a roll, chalking up increasingly impressive rounds of funding since its inception in 2018. Along the way it’s acquired firms like Drover and Cluno and put together a team of over 520 employees. Designed to help you get your next car online as easily as you’d order anything else, it has pioneered a new, less stressful, more reliable model of how we purchase vehicles.

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