20 ways to become a more interesting man

Your definitive guide to becoming the most exceptional gentleman you can

1. Get a signature accessory with a story

Having one accessory that you’ve worn throughout your adult years is a great way to create intrigue. Be it the same briefcase that your grandfather used, a signet ring that’s passed down the family or a pocket square that you’re never seen without, find one signature accessory and stick to it.

2. Build a good book collection

A well read gentleman is, more often than not, an interesting one. Start from the ground up and put effort into building the perfect capsule library, beginning with 10 books that are guaranteed to garner intrigue and interest.

3. Learn how to cook at least one meal really well

Taking an interest in food and cooking shows creativity, and every gentleman should have at least one dish up their sleeve at any given moment. Even better? Get to grips with 5 that you can have in rotation and use to impress whenever you should need it.

4. Get a favourite cocktail - and learn how to mix it

There are certain traits that every gentleman should have, and knowing how to mix a decent cocktail is one of them. Choose your tipple of choice, learn about it and expand on it through the fine art of making a stiff drink.

5. Build your vinyl collection on the music, rather than the album art

Last year, vinyl outsold paid-for downloaded music. Building up a proper collection of records should therefore be high on your agenda and while some artwork can be stunning, make sure you’ve built a solid library of vinyl based on your musical tastes, rather than your artistic preferences.

6. Choose your favourite band (or bands) - and actually go and see them

A great conversation starter comes off the back of a genuine interest, and what better way to enter into a conversation than with an incredible experience you recently have whilst seeing your favourite band?

7. Keep a bit of mystery in your life and don't post every single thing you do on social media

Because let’s be honest, do you know anyone genuinely interesting who posts all of their moves on social media?

8. Always stick to your own opinions, even if they're divisive

There’s nothing interesting about not fighting for what you believe in and not expressing your opinion. If you’re met with a fight when you express your opinion, stick to your guns and explain – calmly – why you believe what you believe.

9. Try a left field hobby, without caring what others think

If you want to take up judo, wall climbing or playing the piano, do so – without batting an eye at what others think.

10. Choose a hairstyle because it fits your face, rather than because it's on-trend

It’s far more interesting to explore your grooming options because they suit you, rather than because they’re ‘on-trend’. There’s nothing interesting about walking around with the same hairstyle as everyone else.

11. Take the time to travel off the beaten track

Some of the most interesting people you’ll ever come across are those that have travelled the world far and wide, and have come head-to-head with some of world’s most wild and unique beauty. Be that guy, and get out there and explore the world.

12. Stay up to date with current affairs

And that doesn’t mean through the Daily Mail. Read up on current affairs not just in your country, but also all around the world, and form an opinion that can back up your readings.

13. Get something bespoke made just for you

Whether you go for a suit, a briefcase or a pair of shoes, having something made uniquely for you is a fantastic conversation starter and a great way to create intrigue.

14. Learn the art of telling a decent story

Having the tools to tell a story – and tell it well – will automatically raise your game and keep you interesting to everyone around you. Don’t stumble on your words, have your punchline sorted and you’re halfway there.

15. Always speak the truth, but with discretion

Alongside having your own opinion, being able to be truthful to your friends and family is something that will instantly provide you with lashings of respect. Be sure, though, to tell the truth with discretion because without that, you’re no one.

16. Learn how to become a good listener, to whomever might need it

An interesting gentleman won’t only speak the truth, but he’ll also be wise enough to know when to listen to someone when they’re in times of  need.

17. Don't complain. If there's something you don't like in your life, change it

There truly is nothing more boring than complaining about your life and not doing anything to change it. If you’re bored with your life and continuously find yourself complaining, ring the changes and take a chance on life.

18. Don't let fear get in your way and stop you don't something you've always wanted to

The most interesting people are the brave ones, the people who’ve taken a risk and done something they’ve always wanted to without letting their fear stop them. No matter what that means for you, be that guy.

19. Pursue interests outside of your career, and don't let work consume you

It’s boring to speak about your work and only your work, and to let your 9-5 get in the way of your personal life. The men and women who pursue outside interests by taking evening courses or learning a new skill are far more interesting than those who stay in the office until 11pm every night.

20. Use your weekends to do more and learn more

No one ever became more interesting by sitting on the sofa, nursing a horrendous hangover, weekend after weekend. Go to an exhibition, read the papers, read a new book or take a walk

India Gladstone

India Gladstone

India is the Online Editor of Gentleman's Journal

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