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12 Days of Christmas: Win a pair of Cheaney slippers

Because, even if you’re staying at home, you should always be wearing a good pair of shoes

You probably don’t give a lot of thought to what you wear when you’re relaxing in the comfort of your own home. That’s fair enough. Your home is, after all, a private space in which to be free from the constraints of office-appropriate suits and carefully curated smart-casual weekend looks.

However, should you happen to be spending the festive season as a guest at the home of a friend or family member, then the rules are a little different. Many hosts, for example, will ask you to remove your shoes indoors but likely don’t wish to be staring at your bare feet for the duration of your stay either. It pays, then, to be in possession of a decent pair of slippers.

12 Days of Christmas: Win a pair of Cheaney slippers

Lucky for you that is exactly what we’re offering with today’s 12 Days of Christmas prize. Designed by Joseph Cheaney & Sons and handmade in England by Bowhill & Elliott, these Albert house slippers are as smart as they are comfortable. Featuring soft suede or rubber soles to mark you out as the most considerate of guests, they are available in six styles, including classic contrasting suede and fabric in sage, denim and truffle, elegant full suede designs in olive and purple and even a camouflage style for the more daring among you.

Worth up to £210, when it comes to slippers, Cheaney’s are guaranteed to impress. To be in with the chance of winning a pair simply fill out the form below and check back tomorrow for the next 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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