10 signs she’s just not that into you

If all the signs are there but naivety is getting the better of you, you need to read this

Sometimes, it can be hard to read the signs. You’re doing all of the right things and you’re not getting the reaction that you hoped but you put it down to her personality and assume that ‘it’s just the way she is’. The harsh likelihood, gentlemen, is in fact that she genuinely isn’t into you and you continuing to pester her is going to get you absolutely nowhere. So, what are the signs?

1. She takes hours to reply to your texts

No one is too busy or too important to not have the time to send a text message. If she’s taking days at a time to respond to your message, she’s not keen – any girl who’s interested in you will reply within the hour.

2. When she does reply, her messages are blunt

If she’s sending you messages without any kind of emotion or intrigue, she doesn’t want to be having the conversation you’re forcing her to have. If she’s avoiding answering questions and equally not asking you any in return, she’s not into it.

3. She constantly flakes on dates

She might mask flaking on you as being too busy or too forgetful, but if she was keen on you she would do her utmost to make sure she could spend time with you. If she’s flaked on a date more than twice, she’s not interested in it – so stop trying to pin her down.

4. She's not interested it - so stop trying to pin her down

5. When you do see her, she avoids physical contact

Giving you the cold shoulder when you go in for the two-cheeked kiss or giving you a flimsy hug is a clear sign that she’s not in anyway physically attracted to you. Stop trying.

6. She always brings up her relationship status

If she finds random and seemingly disconnected moments to bring up the fact that she’s not looking for a relationship or that she really is feeling rather polyamorous at the moment, she’s hinting at you in a very strong way. Take heed and get out.

7. She also continuously talks about other men

If she finds random moments to talk about other men – be it her ‘best friend’, a guy in her office or a family friend – and she continues to chuck his name about, she’s trying to make some kind of a point.

8. She brings up her ex-boyfriend far too often

No guy wants to be the rebound and if she’s constantly bringing her ex-boyfriend into the conversation, you’re the rebound. Cut ties as soon as she mentions him the first time and let her get over it before it’s too late and she drops you for him when he takes her back.

If she's constantly bringing her ex-boyfriend into the conversation, you're the rebound

9. She's never the one to initiate plans

If she never suggests where to go or what to do, and you’re always the one making the plans and suggesting evenings to meet, you’ve got a problem on your hands. For the first couple of dates, it should be your responsibility. But if she’s not taking an interest after that, alarm bells should be ringing.

10. If she's told you she's not into it, leave it

Far too many guys assume that it’s worth giving it that one last shot, even after she’s blatantly told you that them that she’s not interested and never will be. If she’s laid it out on the line for you and told you that she wants nothing to do with you, listen to her – and leave her alone for good.

India Gladstone

India Gladstone

India is the Online Editor of Gentleman's Journal

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