10 incredible restaurants you need to visit before you die

It truly doesn't get much better than this, gentlemen

Having a bucket list of any kind is something that seems to create a clean divide down the middle of the masses. Half the gentlemen out there seem to think it’s a fabulous, aspirational idea and others state that you should live in the moment, that you should carpe that diem. While we’d all love to be as carefree as the latter, we live by the belief that it’s better to have a list of things you actually genuinely want to achieve. It can be as broad or as specific as you want, but a list to refer to now and again when you’re suffering from Sunday/Monday/general life blues can definitely be beneficial.

Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara, Dubai

If you’ve ever wanted to dine like a Bond villain, then this is the place. Situated below the sail-shaped, seven star Burj Al Arab hotel, the experience of eating at Nathan Outlaw’s Middle East restaurant is at once mesmerising and overwhelming. Sharks swim close by as you enjoy French-influenced fare, and a sunken cocktail bar serves delectable drinks after you’ve finished your final course. Go for seafood and you won’t be disappointed – although you may not be able to look the fish in the eye, either…

Grotta Palazzese Hotel, Italy

It’s hard to imagine that a place like this actually exists; the beauty of this restaurant genuinely looks like something that only the imagination can conjure up. Set in the magnificent cliffs in Polignano a Mare, this restaurant is only open during the spring and summer and offers some of the most incredible views over the Adriatic Sea. The food sounds pretty amazing too. For more information visit the Grotta Palazzese Hotel.

Ithaa, The Maldives

The Maldives full stop should be a place that every gentleman aspires to visit in his lifetime; the photos aren’t enough to do the sheer beauty of the place justice. While you’re crossing that one off your list, kill two birds with one stone and head to Ithaa, an incredible restaurant that sits 16 feet undersea and is the world’s first fully glass dining space. You’ll witness 180 degree views of some of the finest and clearest waters in the world and eat some of the best food you ever have. For more information, visit the Ithaa Maldives.

Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar

Zanzibar has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and we can’t imagine a better dining experience than being able to catch a tiny boat from the shore into the middle of the sea to eat at Rock Restaurant. Complete with the freshest fish on the market and scenes that will genuinely blow your mind, you need to be sure not to miss this one, gentlemen. For more information about Rock Restaurant.

White Rabbit, Moscow

Hear us out with this one, and don’t let the theme put you off. The restaurant is very subtly Alice in Wonderland themed, but we promise that once you’re in amongst the beauty of the place that you’ll understand why we directed you here. With an incredible glass roof and walls and insane views over the whole of Moscow, we can guarantee that you’ll be in awe of this place the moment that you walk into it. For more information, visit the White Rabbit here.

Sirocco, Bangkok

Imagine climbing 63 floors to the world’s highest alfresco restaurant, arriving to the soft, smooth sounds of a jazz and seeing the entire city of Bangkok below? Sirocco offers just that, as well as some of the finest (award-winning, naturally) food, cocktails and wine in the city. Whether you’re looking to impress the lady in your life, treat your family to views like none other or make an incredible business deal, Sirocco is incomparable. For more information, visit Sirocco



El Farallón, Mexico

Every gentleman should know that local is best, and some of the best food in the world is locally sourced and locally made. Everyday, fresh fish and seafood arrives at El Farallón ready for diners visiting the most popular restaurant in Cabos, Mexico. Tucked away on the beach and into the cliffs, El Farallón attracts ladies and gentlemen far and wide, this is most definitely a destination worth a visit. For more information, visit El Farallón here. 

A Figureira Rubaiyat, São Paulo

Widely considered one of the best steak restaurants in the world, A Figureria Rubaiyat is undoubtedly one for every meat lover out there. This isn’t just a restaurant, this is an experience; one where the finest produce is sourced from the finest places and an environment that prides itself on offering the best service in the whole country. The restaurant is based on a ‘from ranch to plate’ concept and lives up to every expectation there is. For more information about A Figureria Rubaiyat see here


Ngorongoro Lodge, Tanzania

Visiting Africa and going on safari should be firmly up there with experiences every gentleman should have, but staying in one of the best lodges in the world and eating in a restaurant with unimaginable views should come close. Ngorongoro Lodge in Tanzania is unbeatable. Quiet, unique and as exclusive as they come, there’s no denying the pull of this incredible restaurant. For more information about Ngorongoro Lodge see here. 

Sierra Mar, Big Sur

Sierra Mar embodies the complete Californian dream; impeccable views across the ocean, insane views and the company of some of the coolest diners in the world. This is fine dining, but not as you know it. While it may be unconventional when you compare it to skyscraper restaurants where business deals are made, luxury is truly at the heart of Sierra Mar and trust us, you don’t want to miss it. For more information about Sierra Mar, see here. 

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