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10 grooming essentials every gentleman should be using this spring

From an all-round aftershave to the most dependable deodorant on the market, it’s time to spring clean your bathroom cabinet

Who else has been vigorously spring cleaning? Come on, get those disinfected hands up. We know you haven’t been constantly conference calling over the last couple of weeks. We ourselves have been having a good tidy up — focusing mainly on our bathroom cabinets. Who knew we still had that tiny toothpaste from our BA first class flight three years ago? Or the miniature conditioner nabbed from last summer’s hotel suite?

What we did know, however, is that we hadn’t used half of our grooming products in the last year. So it was time to put our newly confined downtime to good use, and throw out every half-squeezed tube and dried-up tub of product that’s been clogging our bathroom cabinets. You should try it, and make way for the only grooming essentials you’ll ever need…

Reach for a striking, stylish razor

Let’s start with shaving. Even if no-one’s going to see your face for the next few weeks, that’s no excuse to let your fluff and scruff grow out unchecked. Czech & Speake’s Zebrano Wood shaving set is the ideal solution. Sustainably sourced yet stylish wood forms the handle of this striking razor. Never will your shaving routine have run so smoothly.

10 grooming essentials every gentleman should be using this spring

Czech & Speake Zebrano Wood Shaving Set


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Find a moisturiser to beat the ageing process

If you’ve not started moisturising yet, we don’t know what to say. The cornerstone of every man’s skincare routine, a good moisturiser is the key to getting a jump on your advancing years. And there are few better options than Heath’s protective pump-action option. Powered with Soliberine, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, your skin will feel smoother, suppler and infinitely more hydrated.

Tool up with a tip-top toothbrush

That Zebrano Razor above is crafted from sustainably sourced wood, so why not your toothbrush, too? The Humble Brush is the world’s best-selling bamboo toothbrush, features durable Nylon-6 bristles to keep your teeth in tip-top condition and is the most stylish gum-rubbing, tongue-scrubbing tool we’ve ever used.

Squeeze out a simple, minty toothpaste

But what good is a great toothbrush without a great toothpaste in which to slather it? We’ve tested our fair share of toothpastes over the years. Some were flavoured with ginger, others infused with charcoal and there were even those that came in tablet form. What did we learn? That the simplest, mintiest ways are often the best. But don’t take it from us — take it from Aesop.

Swap your body wash for a body scrub

You’ve got to be careful with body scrubs. True, thanks to their exfoliating properties, they do a better, more thorough job than a body wash. But many options contain micro-beads — tiny pieces of plastic that can cause untold damage to the environment. So go for a scrub, but find one that uses a natural exfoliant such as Malin + Goetz’s pumice-infused Peppermint Body Scrub.

10 grooming essentials every gentleman should be using this spring

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub


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Lather up a simple, understated shampoo

A recent winner in our Gentleman’s Journal Grooming Awards 2020, if you’re in need of a reliable, normal shampoo, look no further than Evo. Of course, you could tell that from this shampoo’s refreshingly honest name. Doing exactly what it says on the tiny square bottle, this simply scented shampoo removes excess oil, cleanses the scalp and deeply cleans your hair. You know, normal stuff.

10 grooming essentials every gentleman should be using this spring

Evo Normal Person’s Shower Gel


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Smoothen out your shaving routine with a protective gel

As much works of art as they are handy shaving aids, Acqua di Parma’s entire bright-yellow Barbiere range is something to behold. But this refreshing, hydrating, foaming shave gel is a worthy addition to your bathroom cabinet. Formulated with a blend of vegetal organic oils, it protects your skin from irritation — ideal if you’re shaving in a rush.

10 grooming essentials every gentleman should be using this spring

Acqua di Parma Barbiere Shaving Gel


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Brush up on the best comb in the business

A few months ago, we followed James Bond’s grooming routine for a week. We flicked through Ian Fleming’s novels to discover the superspy’s favourite brands — and discovered his comb of choice was made by Kent. Quintessentially English and predictably reliable, we’re still using ours today. With coarse and fine teeth, and in a particularly handsome tortoiseshell design, we suggest you invest.

Roll on the freshest deodorant you can find

Last, but by no means least, let’s find you the most dependable deodorant money can buy. Now, we know that many men shy away from roll-ons, but this one is well worth taking a chance on. From British chemist and perfumer D R Harris, this alcohol-free, solid deodorant stick is infused with the invigorating notes of orange and bergamot. Never a fresher day had.

10 grooming essentials every gentleman should be using this spring

D R Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick


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