The 10 best interior Instagram accounts to follow

Looking for interior inspiration? Scroll through these accounts for ideas

There’s nothing more depressing than scrolling through your phone, be it Instagram or Facebook, and seeing countless pictures of dream interiors – houses so eye-wateringly expensive and sumptuously decorated that it makes your mild-mannered flat or house seem like a dive.

Many such accounts show set-ups so unattainable that there’s really no point following them. But there are those who, even though they post designs and architecture that may be beyond your fiscal reach, can offer smaller tips and tricks to improve your pad without breaking the bank. So get following, gentlemen, and find your interior inspiration.


Based in New York, Benjamin Vandiver’s account is a shrine to symmetry and straight lines. Showing the power of simplicity and order, if this doesn’t get you up and tidying, we don’t know what will.


A professional interior designer originally set up homepolish, and its focus is on good lightning, bright open spaces and clean, fresh furnishing. For almost a Scandi look, get following.


It’s more an adventure account than an interior one, but Yatzer deserves a special mention. If you can tear your eyes away from the beautiful women and stunning locations, the featured interiors are short on colour, but strong on style.


If you’ve got a certain look in mind, perhaps this isn’t the best account for interior inspiration. Instead, this is the perfect place to stare in awe at various spaces around the world where you’d love to live. But you never know, you might pick up the odd idea amongst the incredible.


The Design Files is the perfect place to learn about soft furnishings and interior decoration. Furniture from bureaus to drinks trolleys will give you the push you need to find your own odd objects and decor to fill your flat or house and up its interest.


Frank Muytjens, from New York, has perfected the ‘homely’ vibe. His interiors look nothing like the bachelor pad we’ve come to think of as cool, and instead bring style to the cosy look of old books, mismatched cushions and a good thick rug.

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Jake! #nationaldogday

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Again continuing the homely theme, this vintage runs and furniture specialist has reinvented cool comfort. Yet surprisingly – given their focus on furnishings – the brand is best at extolling the virtues of house plants, and how a little greenery about the place can lift it significantly.


‘Have a handsome home’, reads TRNK’s bio – and they certainly deliver on that message. Industrial chic abounds – with exposed brick and metalwork creating a look of lived in, yet effortlessly cool style. This is the classic bachelor pad look, but with a little more thought put into it.

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Fave corner ??

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Full of interesting people striking interesting poses, the interiors take a back seat to the individuals on Grant Legan’s Instagram. But, when he does find time to post a picture of a room alone, it delivers more inspiration than ten photos on another user’s page. One to watch.

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First stop in Seattle

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Justin Chung’s interiors show that less really is more. Some are so bare you may think the photo hasn’t even loaded, but look a little closer and you’ll be struck by the simplicity – and just how effective it is.

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