All About Bond: Terry O’Neill Exhibition

Terry O’Neill’s ‘All About Bond’ exhibition at the Proud Gallery in Chelsea could not be a more fitting tribute to mark the 50-year celebration of the true British gentleman, James Bond.

O’Neill’s photographs perfectly encapsulate what it truly means to be Bond, both on and off the screen. The debonair British agent has been portrayed beautifully in the collection of photographs; some of which offer a behind the scenes look at a cheekier side of the Bond actors.

The array of intimate portraits and iconic images not only serve as a symbol of British culture, but also as a reminder of a more glamorous era. Particular favourites include the fine portraits of Sean Connery. They convey a wonderful sense of mischief, as Bond and as a much-adored 1960’s actor. Snoozing in a director’s chair and surveying Las Vegas’ slot machines are just a few of the photographs that invoke an understanding of Connery’s enduring charisma.

Bond girls are, of course, not exempt from O’Neill’s camera lens and he uncovers (often literally) the Bond girls of the classic films we have all come to love. Roger Moore fooling around with Jane Seymour in a hotel suite is just one of the more provocative photographs that springs to mind.

Other Bond girls such as Ursula Andress and Honor Blackman are also displayed alongside six different bonds, including our current man of the moment- Daniel Craig.

‘All About Bond’ is on display from 13th September to 4th November 2012. A visit is unmissable for Bond fans but highly recommended for all.

By Robert Gwyther

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