5 luxury gadgets every man needs in his kitchen

With these in your arsenal, even Gordon Ramsay will be impressed.


Nothing beats a good well-aged steak.  We all love frequenting our favourite steakhouses and top restaurants, but there’s a little bit of magic in that proud moment when you cut into a tender steak that you’ve cooked yourself.  The issue has always been however, that it was difficult to source a good dry-aged piece of meat. No longer.

Steaklocker is the first at-home dry-aging fridge, which uses a novel combination of sensors, lights and fans to ensure that your meat ages to perfection, kept at the ideal temperatures and in the very best of conditions.  It’ll also alert you via app if it looks like anything might go wrong, which it shouldn’t.


Steaklocker, $1000 from Steaklocker

Bkon Craft Brewer

For the perfect cup of tea, coffee or any other impeccably infused liquid, this is your gadget.  The Bkon Craft Brewer uses a brand new proprietary technology dubbed ‘RAIN’ (Revers Atmospheric INfusion) in order to ensure that flavour profiles are kept at their absolute optimum.

If you think you’ll run out of ideas, then think again.  The machine can store over 200 recipes, which are all easily accessible from Bkon’s built-in screen.  Who said tea had to be boring?

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 15.26.18

Bkon Craft Brewer, $13,000 from Bkon


Kitchen tech companies are the modern Prometheus.  They have given mankind the power of fire, all perfectly packed into one handy gun-like gadget. Want to make your creme brûlées look and taste professional? Dismayed that your belly pork isn’t quite crispy enough. There’s only one way, buy a blowtorch.


Kitchen Torch, £34.58 from Williams Sonoma


This really is a sign of the future. Like the machine that makes you anything you’d like to eat in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this gadget is (we are being absolutely serious) able to print whatever food your heart desires, as long as you can puree them. Sound like an April Fool? We thought so. But they’ve got plenty of photos of ‘printed’ pizzas, burgers and intricate desserts, the only limit is your creativity.


Foodini, $1300 from Natural Machines

CrustaStun Single Stunner

If you’ve ever cooked a crab or lobster, you’ll know that they’ve got to be cooked as fresh as possible; unfortunately that also means you’re probably going to be boiling them alive.  This bit of tech, however, kills crustaceans in a matter of seconds, granting them a painless death and leaving you with a tasty dinner and a guilt-free conscience.

The machine sends a jolt of electricity through the shellfish, leaving them perfectly safe to eat; there are a number of safety locks to ensure that the machine is entirely human-proof, too. In case you were wondering, texture and taste are left untainted, unlike conventional methods such as freezing. Just keep an eye on their claws.

Crustastun CS01 - chef

CrustaStun Single Stunner, $3,500 from CrustaStun

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