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“A gentleman is someone who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do.”

The essential guide to being as cool as James Bond

Okay, you might never actually be a super-spy, but that doesn't mean you can't behave like one...

Whether you admire the ruggedness of a Daniel Craig 007 or the slick suave of Pierce Brosnan’s portrayal, there’s no arguing that, in many ways, James Bond is about as cool as a man can get. Thanks to the supreme British finesse bestowed on him by author Ian Fleming, Bond, we have no doubt, would always know exactly how to behave on a first date, always get the best table in any restaurant and possess the kind of effortless style we all dream about.

Of course, all this does come with the catch of being an international super-spy who constantly puts his life at risk but – details. Here’s a few lessons in cool we’d recommend taking from Mr Bond…

Manners maketh the man

First and foremost, James Bond knows how to behave in company (unless he’s fighting them). His eloquence and charm make him irresistible to women, while his overall demeanour is one of unperturbed confidence. Obviously, it helps if you’re devilishly handsome, but there are simple things every man can do to become more charismatic. Mind your ps and qs, learn how to hold an engaging, two-way conversation and always be polite and generous. It may sound old fashioned but, trust us, it works.

Don't underestimate the importance of style

Bond is always, without fail, dressed impeccably – even if there are a few suiting styles we wish he’d try on. But, more importantly than having finely tailored bespoke Savile Row suits, Bond knows how to dress for the occasion. From a black tie evening suit to relaxed beachwear, James Bond pulls together the right look for the right venue – and you’ll never be truly cool until you master this sartorial art.

Know your onions

Becoming a truly interesting person doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Be a jack of all trades and expand your knowledge as widely as possible so you always have something to add to a conversation. Take time to travel, gather knowledge on other cultures and learn foreign languages – this way you’ll be confident and cool wherever you are. And finally, delve into technology: being able to drive any vehicle and be au fait with the latest gadgets is highly useful, seriously cool and very James Bond.

Get out on the town

Think about the coolest person you know. Now think about where you met the last time you went out. Did they suggest some cool little bar tucked behind a nondescript doorway or the hot new restaurant you didn’t even know was open yet? That’s because knowing your way around a city’s food and drink scene is part and parcel of being cool. The social scene runs off knowledge-based dining – for the swankiest bars and restaurants often have the most interesting people in them – but, like Bond, they’re probably not ordering pints so you might want to do some research in fine whiskies and sophisticated cocktails too.

Hit the gym

You must have known this was coming. Nothing gives you more confidence than being is amazing shape. If you’re proud of the way you look, you’re more likely to want to get out and about, talk to new people and wear dapper clothing. You’ll also actually be in shape, so an adventurous lifestyle becomes a viable option, and the health benefits are great too. Just don’t become a gym bore – no-one really cares how much you can bench press (and you’d never find Bond boasting about it).

Now we’ve got that sorted, who is actually cool enough to play the next James Bond?

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