The Gentleman’s guide to being as cool as James Bond

James Bond, as we well know, is about as cool as a gentleman can get. A man of supreme gentlemanly British finesse, Bond has long been the propagator of all that gentlemen seek, except, perhaps, killing people. However, since the very beginning in 1962, each new James Bond actor has managed to pull off the effortlessly suave persona of Ian Fleming’s most famous character. We’re huge fans of Bond at The Gentleman’s Journal, and we sure wish we were as cool as him. So we’ve decided to compile a guide to help you become as cool as Bond.


First and foremost, James Bond knows how to behave in company (unless he’s fighting them). His eloquence and charm make him irresistible to women, whilst his overall demeanour is one of unperturbed confidence. The key to gaining this confidence can be obtained through the below suggestions, and it certainly helps if you’re devilishly handsome too.

Jame Bond Manners The Gentleman's Journal


Bond is always, without fail, dressed in the most impeccable attire. From a stunningly tailored evening suit to relaxed beach-wear, James Bond always wears the finest clothing available. To truly pull off Bond’s cool demeanour, you must be the epitome of sartorial class. The Kingsman Collection holds everything you could want without heading to the bespoke tailor.

Kingsman The Gentleman's Journal


You’ll never truly be as cool as Bond if you don’t have a wealth of knowledge – you must be very well read, so read our article on the the 10 books every gentleman should read. Take time to travel widely to gather knowledge on other cultures and learn foreign languages – this way you’ll be confident and cool wherever you are. And finally, delve into technology: being able to drive any vehicle and use every piece of technology known to man is a highly useful skill, and seriously cool.

James Bond Reading The Gentleman's Journal


Now comes the knowledge of fine dining. Knowing about cocktails, whisky and wine is a true gentleman’s gift, whilst knowledge of fine dining makes you open to many new avenues. The social scene runs off knowledge based dining, for the swankiest bars and restaurants often have the coolest, most interesting people in them. Start building the knowledge pool and head into the city often- start with these cocktail bars.

James Bond Drinking The Gentleman's Journal


Nothing gives you confidence more than being is amazing shape. If you’re in great shape, you’re more likely to want to get out and about, talk to attractive women and wear dapper clothing. You’ll also actually be in shape, so an adventurous lifestyle will be a great pursuit, and the health benefits amazing too. As far as being as cool as Bond, fitness is seriously high up on the list.

James Bond In Shape The Gentleman's Journal

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