My working day: Victor CEO Clive Jackson

We speak to the man who’s shaking up luxury travel

Before 2011, the private aviation industry was dominated by charter brokers and middlemen who would often charge customers extortionate prices. Why? Because they knew that these wealthy individuals had to get somewhere fast. Moreover, booking a jet was not only an inequitable procedure, but it was also inefficient and complex. But, with the introduction of Clive Jackson’s jet charter firm, Victor, that all changed. 

Launched six years ago, Jackson’s smartphone app and website, Fly Victor, has simplified the way private planes are chartered today. Whereas clients were previously at the mercy of brokers who would seldom share crucial information (such as the details of the aircraft or their own profit margin on any deal), with Fly Victor, travellers can now compare and choose from multiple quotes, see the type of plane they’ll be on, book spare seats on already chartered flights and, unlike conventional jet broking business, don’t have to provide any upfront investment deposit. As a result of his genius, Jackson has opened up the world of luxury travel to the wider market.

As a busy man with big ideas, we ask him what his typical day looks like.

My working day: Victor CEO Clive Jackson

What time does the alarm go off? 

I wake at 5.50am. Usually within 15 minutes of waking I stretch. After that I do a brief, high-intensity cardio workout on my cross trainer or sometimes laps in the pool. Then it’s breakfast, some time in my home office quietly planning the day’s priorities and finally the journey to Victor’s head office in London.

As a man with a packed schedule, what food fuels you throughout the day?

For breakfast, I switch between black coffee and my homemade granola, which is a mix of brazil nuts, pecans, almonds, dried fruits, oats and seeds slow-roasted in maple syrup; all with Greek yoghurt and blueberries. My lunches tend to consist of either sushi boxes or a falafel and beetroot salad.

Mark Zuckerberg opts for plain grey T-Shirts and hoodies and Tom Ford loves to wear black suits; but what do you usually wear to the office?

My preferred suit is a Ralph Lauren one, which I wear with a fitted white Eton shirt, Crockett & Jones shoes and my vintage Breitling Navitimer watch. Sometimes I’ll wear a Ralph Lauren jacket with Scotch & Soda jeans.

My working day: Victor CEO Clive Jackson

When do you get into the office and how?

I’m picked up from home by car at 9am, working through calls and emails before arriving in Chelsea for 10am.

What does a typical day work day look like? 

Lots of meetings across different time zones; meetings with partners, investors, suppliers, potential hires and our customers, as well as operational meetings with my department heads to review Victor’s activities and performance. My senior team and I regularly assess the industry landscape, market intelligence, other sectors that we can learn from and our own strategy to ensure Victor remains in the best possible shape and position. There are usually media interviews to give and industry events to attend too.

And what’s your favourite part about it?

Without a doubt early mornings are my favourite time of day – it’s when I am at my most creative and productive.

My working day: Victor CEO Clive Jackson

Given how busy you are; how do you manage your schedule? 

It’s all down to my amazing PA! Technology also helps. The Victor charter iPhone app gives me a great up-to-date view of how the business and team are doing. I also have an Apple Watch to hand. I regularly use its Siri function, so have become good at doing things efficiently by voice. My Apple Watch is also good for grabbing instant updates from relevant media, quick communication with my PA and Chairman and chats with my family.

When do you clock off and what do you usually do in the evenings?

I usually leave the office by 19.00, but might be heading on to a client meeting, team supper or aforementioned industry event. Otherwise, I will travel back home to spend quality time with my family. Listening to music helps me wind down from the demands of the business.

Clive Jackson is founder and CEO of Victor. To charter a private jet now, visit Fly Victor

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