Wishlist: What we want this week

From bourbon-tinged coffee to a snow-ready motorbike, this is what we want this week

Bill Amberg Small Hunter Satchel, £400

Bill Amberg’s leather goods are second to none when it comes to quality. Crafted from strong and flexible vegetable-tanned shoulder leather, this versatile Hunter Satchel is designed to make the most of leather’s natural looks – rugged and stylish.

Blu Dot x Handsome Bike, $799

A devilishly fun bike, and stylistically influenced by the café racer scene, the bike is a stripped down, lean, clean simple machine: single speed, coaster brakes. With a Brooks saddle and some’ leather gripped handlebars, this is designed to stir the nostalgia of a first bike.

Patriot LC79 Super Tourer, $124,990

Based on the GXL Toyota Landcruiser dual cab, the Patriot Campers LC79 Super Tourer is a highly-customisable, imminently-capable off road machine. A suspension upgrade, winches, beefy tires, new barwork, and options like lockable slide out drawers, oversized toolboxes with kitchenettes and storage compartments, lights, pop-up tents, and even a dog crate tray are available.

Christini II-Track Snow Utility Bike

This unique bike features moving tracks instead of wheels, for the funnest experience  you could ever have on snow. The front track lies between a split ski, positioned between the front forks, while the rear track is a standard system, topped by a cargo rack.

Jack Daniel’s Coffee, $21.95

Made from 100% Arabica, Jack Daniel’s new offering has a slightly different kick. Non-alcoholic, this coffee is infused with full-flavoured Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey to give it notes of caramel and vanilla that you simply don’t get with beans alone.

1964 Cheetah Race Car

Chevrolet’s 1960s answer to the Shelby Cobra, this 1964 Cheetah Race Car is one of only 15 known to survive in the world today. Designed and engineered with American components, this 64′ is the only Cheetah built and raced with the Corvette heavy-duty 427ci L88 aluminum-head racing engine option, is a collectors item, and is up for sale. If you need to ask how much, you can’t afford it.

Bremont DH-88 Rose Gold, £14,995

In an elegant style reminiscent of the wonderful 1930s era, Bremont’s DH-88 in Rose Gold houses a beautifully finished BE-54AE chronometer rated chronograph movement with GMT functionality. Constructed ensuring the durability and precision Bremont is renowned for, the timepieces also incorporate original spruce plywood from the undercarriage assembly of the de Havilland 1934 aircraft.

Aja Cion Camera, $4,300

A striking piece of kit – and as reliable as it is beautiful – the Aja Cion contains a 4K camera with 12 stops of dynamic range and an electronic global shutter to ensure a smooth picture. Refreshingly retro, but with a modern mind – this is the perfect camera for any aspiring filmmaker with a penchant for the vintage.

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