Why it’s time to get into the spirit of aquavit

The centuries-old spirit, gin's Scandinavian cousin, is enjoying a Renaissance. And we're enjoying it too...

It literally means “water of life” and yet the Nordic spirit, distilled from grains or potatoes and flavoured with herbs, has never really washed with the younger generation. Traditionally paired with food and enjoyed during holiday seasons, it essentially sits alongside our bottles of Irish coffee liqueurs and advocaats, gathering dust at the back of the drinks cabinet.

Production of the distinctive botanical spirit dates back as early as the 16th century and is very much a part of Scandinavian culture. In fact, it’s the best-selling spirit in Norway and Denmark by quite a margin. That being said, sales of the premium liqueur have been on the decline, with many fearing it’ll die out with the older generation. Even with the recent resurgence in the popularity of gin and New Nordic cuisine, aquavit hasn’t found its way into the glasses of the younger generation.

Until now, that is…

At Gentleman’s Journal, we understand the modern man’s increasing desire for authenticity and how he values heritage and beautifully crafted, local produce. At the same time, he’s always curious and on the look-out for new trends and new experiences.

And he’s not alone – the Nordic countries’ trend-setting, young bartenders and distillers both craft and traditional are finding the answer at the bottom of a bottle – aquavit is having a moment.

In fact, Sweden’s oldest aquavit O.P. Anderson is one such distiller that is riding the rising wave, and they’ve decided its time to break into the cocktail market with their new short film.

With it, they whipped Gentleman’s Journal up a couple of cocktails to try…

Mix up an Aquamule

  • 50 ml O.P. Anderson
  • Ginger beer or ginger ale
  • Fresh ginger slices
  • ½ lime

Go for a Green Light Collins

  • 50 ml O.P. Anderson
  • 30 ml sorrel syrup
  • 40 ml fresh lemon juice
  • Lemon wedge

So, as the nights draw in and the winter party season begins delivering the first invites of the season, 2018 is the year to add a bottle of O.P. Anderson to your drinks cabinet – and delight your guests with the delicious spirit that has warmed the cold Scandinavian nights for centuries. Enjoy responsibly.

Why it’s time to get into the spirit of aquavit

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