What to watch on Netflix in April 2019

From a new nature documentary series with David Attenborough, to a wild, drug-crazed drama series set in Mexico, this is what we’re watching this month…

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. So what more could you ask for than an evening started in the company of Sir David Attenborough, before conjuring up some drama with Gentleman’s Journal cover star Chance Perdomo and then capping things off with some mouth-watering street food stories courtesy of the team behind Chef’s Table?

Here are the shows and films to add to your Netflix list this month — and they’re as varied as entertainment comes…

Our Planet, April 5

Because one word; Attenborough. Could Netflix have got a firmer clap on the back, a louder call of affirmation than having this national treasure defer from the BBC? We don’t think so. But we don’t blame him. This show has more tigers, monkeys, penguins, whales, lions, bears, insects, frogs and birds to tempt anyone to the streaming service.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part II, April 5

This may seem like a strange choice from us, especially if all you can remember is the cartoonish comedy version from the 90s. But Netflix’s new take on Sabrina is not only a gothic, pulpy treat — but also stars current Gentleman’s Journal cover star Chance Perdomo, who was coincidentally nominated this week for a BAFTA. Check out his acting chops on April 5.

Unicorn Store, April 5

Brie Larson is flying high currently — literally in cinematic smash Captain Marvel, and figuratively in her diversifying, exciting career. The next entry in her oeuvre is her directorial debut, Unicorn Store, which drops on Netflix in a matter of days. Larson stars, but we’re most looking forward to an overly eccentric turn from former Gentleman’s Journal cover star, Samuel L. Jackson.

Quicksand, April 5

Now this proves to be a tough watch. A Swedish crime drama, Quicksand takes place in the murky, mournful wake of a mass shooting in Stockholm’s wealthiest neighbourhood — a crime for which local high school student, Maja Norberg, finds herself on trial for murder.

If it sounds grim, that’s because it comes from the head writer of The Bridge. But, like that Scandi-hit, it’ll probably keep you gripped for days.

Tijuana, April 5

From Swedish to Spanish, Netflix really are upping their foreign-language offering this month. And this drama series, starring Damián Alcázar and Hammudi Al-Rahmoun, tells the story of a group of intrepid local journalists, who risk their lives to uncover the truth when a local prominent politician is murdered, seemingly in cold blood. Expect twists, turns and edge-of-seat viewing.

War Dogs, April 8

This may not be a new film, but if you haven’t seen Todd Phillips’ wild romp through the true tale of Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz, who received a U.S. Army contract to supply ammunitions for the Afghan National Army worth approximately $300 million, then you have to.

The best reason to switch on? The music. With Iggy Pop, Pink Floyd, The Who, Leonard Cohen and Aerosmith all popping up on the soundtrack, you’ll be rocking your way to the end credits.

The Silence, April 12

If you liked A Quiet Place, this new Netflix film will either be welcomed in your open horror-yearning arms, or shielded from your eyes with a Bird Box-like avoidance. Why? It’s very close in tone and story to similar apocalyptic hits. So, while you’ll get more of what you liked, it may feel like a vague pastiche.

But, before you judge, know that this time around, you’ve got Stanley Tucci, monsters that look like tiny pterodactyls and a very, very sinister cult. Make your own mind up come April 12.

Jurassic Park Trilogy, April 16

Who hasn’t seen the original Jurassic Park trilogy? Don’t you dare raise your hand — or we’ll set the velociraptors on you. The first film alone stars two of our previous cover stars; Jeff Goldblum and Samuel L. Jackson — and if that’s not a good enough reason to give this dino-dodging, CGI-pioneering, Spielberg-directed series a go, we don’t know what is.

Street Food, April 26

What to watch on Netflix in April 2019

From the makers of the mouth-watering Chef’s Table comes a more grass-roots offering. Rather than all the reductions, emulsions and Michelin stars of their most famous series, this foodie show plates up street food, promising a global journey to discover the stories of people who create these varied and delicious dishes. Just don’t watch on an empty stomach…

Yankee, April 26

What to watch on Netflix in April 2019

Instead of heading off to University with his friends, Edgar Valdez crossed the Rio Grande in this new true story series from Netflix.

After making it to Mexico, he made it his mission to get deeply involved in drug trafficking, and eventually became of the most bloodthirsty assassins working in the world. Think Narcos, but on every stimulant that that show peddles, and you’ll be about there with the craziness of this one…

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