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Watches and wines: Why Vacheron Constantin and Louis Roederer are the perfect pairing

Impeccable craftsmanship and a quest for excellent make these two brands the ideal partners

Why do we always and almost exclusively discuss pairing wine with food? Yes, it makes sense from a gastronomic point of view but, when you think about it, the components that go in to creating a great dish or a fine bottle of champagne – passion, expertise, talent and innovation – can be found in so many other things as well. A classic car, for example. Or perhaps a show-stopping piece of jewellery. And almost certainly a beautiful mechanical watch.

With this in mind, fine watch brand Vacheron Constantin has joined forces with Louis Roederer to present an elegant pairing of Swiss timepieces and French champagne at the watch brand’s Bond Street boutique. Open to the public once again for individual appointments (contact the boutique here from more information), read on for a preview of what’s in store…

The Patrimony Collection paired with Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV

The watch: Vacheron Constantin’s Patrimony Collection offers a range of quintessential dress watches. Timeless, classic and understated, these are quietly impressive timepieces designed for elegant occasions, but with serious horology ticking away beneath their charming dials. They are, in essence, investment pieces to be treasured for generations.

The wine: Just like a watch designed to glide serenely over changing trends and fashions, Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV is an all-rounder crafted to be enjoyed by champagne novices and connoisseurs alike. As a non-vintage champagne, richer, more mature wines are blended with livelier, fresher champagnes to create a taste profile which is approachable and reflects the best of Louis Roederer’s 240 vineyard plots.

Why they work: Both the Patrimony Collection and the Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV are crowd-pleasers underpinned by serious technical know-how. Each is the product of complex processes which take skilled craftsmen months of work to complete and the result, for each brand, is a flagship product that stands the test of time.

Overseas Collection paired with Louis Roederer et Philipe Starck Brut Nature 2012

The watch: Characterised by a spirit for travel, a love of adventure and a need for ultimate flexibility, Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas collection is ideal for someone who might find themselves in the boardroom in the morning, on the beach in the afternoon and entertaining guests at a bar in the evening. Accordingly the Overseas collection is waterproof and comes equipped with interchangeable plastic and alligator leather straps so it looks impeccable in all situations.

The wine: Created in collaboration with internationally renowned designer Philipe Starck, Brut Nature 2012 is a truly modern vintage champagne. Made using grapes sourced solely from a specially cultivated biodynamic part of the Louis Roederer vineyards, its cutting-edge zero dosage (no added sugar) production process results in a champagne with incredible freshness and an unforgettable flavour profile.

Why they work: Just like the adventurous, forward-thinking man who is attracted to the Overseas Collection, Brut Nature 2012 is designed for a champagne connoisseur looking for a wine like no other. Accordingly, both the watch and the wine are not the product of ‘paint by numbers’ production methods, but require versatility, confidence and skill to create finished products that are at once suitable and statement in every situation.

Fiftysix Collection paired with Louis Roederer Rosé 2014

The watch: Inspired by a heritage Vacheron Constantin watch which made its debut in 1956, the Fiftysix collection is retro chic at its finest. While its mid-century influence is evident in the contrast between daring case and classic dial, modern technical touches come in the form of haute complications, including tourbillons, day/night indicators and chronograph subdials.

The wine: The most exciting wine in the Louis Roederer stable to pair with food, the Rosé 2014 is super pale in colour and bursting with notes of peach, pink grapefruit, spiced orange peel and hazelnut. Explosive when matched with dishes such as black pudding or wood pigeon, just like the Fiftysix collection, it is an adaptable pour ideal for situations both sophisticated and casual.

Why they work: Once thought of as a retro style wine most often associated with mums at weddings, just like the Fiftysix, rosé champagne has experienced something of renaissance in recent years. Both the watch and the wine are now considered as nothing less than the epitome of style and, of course, just get better with age.

Classic Traditionnelle collection paired with Louis Roederer Brut Vintage 2013

The watch: As the name suggests, the Classic Traditionnelle collection is the ultimate expression of Vacheron Constantin’s horological savoir faire. Characterised by impeccable, clean looks and grand complications, these are grown up timepieces for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

The wine: The finest vintage champagnes, of which Louis Roederer Vintage 2013 is undoubtedly one, feel nothing short of effortless and seamless. But to achieve this, of course, requires an astounding level of technical knowledge and an unparalleled understanding of the science and artistry behind a truly outstanding champagne. Layering emotion and passion on top of a solid foundation of oenological skill, Brut 2013 is a vintage that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Why they work: Just as the Classic Traditionnelle collection is inspired by watchmaking codes of the 18th Century, so the Brut Vintage 2013 is the ultimate expression of a champagne house founded in 1776 and is still made using grapes grown in the very first Louis Roederer vineyards. Accordingly, both are collector’s items, prized for the heritage, expertise and world-class knowledge that goes into making these highly complicated pieces shine with simplicity.

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