Watch: The perfect way to spend a yacht charter day

YPI Yachts reverse your day on deck to show how to create the perfect experience

Yacht charter is your opportunity to discover the world on your terms. After selecting a yacht suited to you and your guests, you can craft a personalised itinerary anywhere on the planet – aided by a crew who knows your exact preferences, and a private chef who knows your favourite cuisine.  But what does a perfect day aboard your charter look like?

Yachting Partners International (YPI), thankfully are on hand to help. With the aid of their new helpful and innovative film, you can watch your perfect yacht charter day run from the end to the beginning – to help you work out how to make the most of your day on deck and use the services you have at your disposal to the best end.

So, be it days on water toys, exploration on land or the ultimate party on board – whatever floats your boat, the film will help you decide how to organise your day. But, in case you still want some tips – here’s just one of the possible days you can enjoy on a charter. Remember, every YPI charter experience is unique: the only limit is your imagination!

One of the greatest aspects of chartering a yacht is the experience of waking up in a new place each day. So why not make the most of the shifting scenery and enjoy breakfast onboard – in your suite, on your private balcony or on deck? Yacht chefs prepare cuisine to every taste using the finest and freshest ingredients available locally and internationally.

Watch: The perfect way to spend a yacht charter day

Then, perhaps, a workout – if you’re not lazing too much during your getaway. Many yachts feature yoga instructors on the crew, and fitness instructors can also be brought onboard to train charter guests, on deck or in fully equipped gyms onboard. And, once you’re finished, trained massage therapists can help you wind back down.

The morning could then be spent exploring a nearby island, escaping to a private paradise beach or taking in the local culture – all depending where you’ve decided to explore. The chef will prepare lunch onboard, perhaps after a morning picking up the best local produce at a nearby market. And many yachts offer barbecues on the sundeck, the ideal setting for a relaxed lunch with family or friends.

Watch: The perfect way to spend a yacht charter day

In the afternoon, the captain and crew will find the perfect quiet anchorage for the water toys. And – with jetskis, paddleboards, kitesurfs, Jet-Levs, slides, inflatable water parks, Seabobs, dive gear and more – you’ll be in for one of the funnest afternoons of your life. But, if that doesn’t get your motor running, the afternoon could also be spent relaxing with champagne in the yacht’s hot tub.

Sunset, famously one of the most exciting parts of the day on your yacht, will be unforgettable from the aft deck with fresh cocktails. Then why not finish the night by letting your captain arrange an party onboard, with catering, music and your favourite drinks flowing. Alternatively, an intimate movie night under the stars can be just as pleasant – before you fall into bed.   

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