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What to watch on Netflix in March 2023

From the latest instalment in the Luther saga to an animated comedy series starring Matthew McConaughey, here’s what the streaming service has to offer in March…

Netflix is out for revenge. There’s more disloyalty and double-crossing to be found on the streaming service this month than you can shake a promise-breaking, back-stabbing knife at. There are tales of FBI informants, CIA operatives and fugitive police detectives. And, key to each and every one of these stories is the lengths to which they’ll all go for revenge.

So, if you’re feeling particularly unforgiving this month, why not channel that energy into turning on your television and living vicariously (and vindictively) through new titles starring Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Mark Strong and more…

The Equalizer, March 1st

From the man who made the Oscar-winning Training Day, Antoine Fuqua, this 2014 remake of an eighties TV series takes a leaf from Liam Neeson’s Taken playbook — casting Denzel Washington as a washed-up former Marine and CIA operative who must single-handedly (along with plenty of pistols, knives and even a nail gun) take down drug kingpins, corrupt cops and the Russian mafia. Order a pizza, open some beers, and enjoy every mayhem-packed minute.

White Boy Rick, March 1st

The first of several Matthew McConaughey projects to hit Netflix this month, White Boy Rick was originally released in 2018 to slightly muted fanfare. Yet, whilst it may not reach the highs of his Oscar-winning turn in Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey’s performance here — as the father of a 14-year-old son who became the youngest FBI informant in history — is sufficiently scene-stealing to make this one worth a watch.

Fall, March 2nd

Next up, a film without villains — unless you count gravity as a bad guy. Released last year, Fall is a survival thriller in the vein of 127 Hours, The Shallows or Ryan Reynolds’ Buried. The story follows a young woman who decides to climb a decommissioned radio tower in the desert to scatter the ashes of her late mountaineer husband. Accompanied by her best friend, they scale the rusting 2,000-foot structure — and effort which, unsurprisingly, does not end well.

Luther: The Fallen Sun, March 10th

Perhaps the most-anticipated Netflix original to release this month, Luther: The Fallen Sun continues the television saga that first broadcast in 2010. Idris Elba once again shrugs on his heavy overcoat for this latest instalment, which follows the disgraced detective breaking out of prison to apprehend a billionaire serial killer who evaded his arrest before. Reviews suggest that the film isn’t quite tight enough to better Luther’s small screen exploits, but it’ll be worth a look nonetheless.

Nike Training Club, March 10th

If you’ve ever found yourself in a fitness rut, chances are that one of Nike’s nifty apps probably helped drag you back to your feet and send you on your exercising way. This latest series of shows, launching exclusively on Netflix this month, follows the same format — calling on a dozen of Nike’s world-class trainers (including fitness trainer Betina Gozo and yoga expert Xochilt Hoover) to deliver programs that cater to all fitness levels.

Agent Elvis, March 17th

Another mission for McConaughey, this assignment tasks the actor with voicing The King of Rock and Roll himself, in Agent Elvis. The animated show will see the singing superstar reimagined as a secret government spy, with an official Netflix synopsis further promising that we’ll even see Elvis “trade his jumpsuit for a jetpack”. Wild, wacky and with lashings of McConaughey charm to boost its appeal, the project is produced by Elvis’ former wife, Priscilla Presley — who even voices herself in the series.

The Night Agent, March 23rd

Another Netflix original series arriving in March — and another that tasks a lone agent with tackling various concerns and conspiracies in the US government. But Agent Elvis, this is not. Rather, it’s a new adaptation of Matthew Quirk’s novel, The Night Agent. Starring Gabriel Basso, we follow the heroic efforts of his FBI agent Peter Sutherland when a Russian mole takes hold inside the highest echelons of the White House.

A Quiet Place: Part II, March 30th

This particular post-apocalyptic world is growing. Since the original film jumped out of the shadows in 2018, A Quiet Place has spawned this sequel, an upcoming ‘threequel’ and is currently filming a spin-off, A Quiet Place: Day One. This eery entry in the franchise is suitably stress-inducing — and introduces a new character played with beardy gruffness by Cillian Murphy. Effective and engrossing, it starts with its finest sequence; a flashback to the day the alien monsters arrived on Earth.

Unstable, March 31st

Rob Lowe has proved himself an accomplished comedy actor. Just take a look at his turns in Parks and Recreation, The Grinder or even the underappreciated You, Me and the Apocalypse. So this eight-part Netflix original bodes well; with Lowe starring alongside his real-life son as tech mogul Ellis Dragon — who has started to spiral after the death of his wife. Expect easy-watching, simple laughs and some serious schmaltz.

Murder Mystery 2, March 31st

And, finally, some screwball action to end the month. Following 2019’s original Murder Mystery, both Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are back for some more hokey whodunnit antics. This time, in the pursuit of a friend’s killer, new characters played by Mark Strong, Jodie-Turner Smith and Mélanie Laurent will throw themselves in harm’s (and slapstick’s) way.

Want more from Netflix? Here’s what else the streaming service has to offer…

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