Travel the world in style this summer

This summer, the sporting calendar is filled with epic events. Get there in style...

When a gentleman travels, he needs to do it in style. And this summer, with the sporting calendar packed to the brim with incredible events happening all over the world, there’s no better time to take the plunge and set your sights high.

We teamed up with Victor, the leading on-demand private jet charter marketplace that will get you pretty much anywhere you want in the world at the click of a button, to bring you a comprehensive list of every sporting event worth seeing this summer – and the only way worth travelling there.

Monaco Grand Prix, May 25th-28th

Travel the world in style this summer

Obviously the pull of the Monaco Grand Prix is huge, and this year is no exception. Men and women flock into Monaco in their thousands, arriving by private jet and yacht, and luxury is at the forefront of this entire occasion. To be a part of this world-renowned occasion, look no further. Victor is offering flights from London to Nice on a Citation XLS at £13,600 return for a 4-5 day stay. What more could you want?

The America’s Cup, May 26th-June 27th 2017

Travel the world in style this summer

Britain will fight for The America’s Cup once more in this years’ 35th annual race for the trophy. Set on the glistening waters of Bermuda’s Great Sound, the America’s Cup sees the best sailors in the world coming together in a bid to win the title. Bermuda should be first on every gentleman’s bucket list, particularly with its legacy of sailing, so let Victor take you there on its London to Bermuda flight in the Gulfstream G-IV which costs from £110,531 return for a 10-day stay.

Champions League Final, June 3rd

Travel the world in style this summer

With Cardiff already receiving unprecedented demand for private jet arrivals and departures ahead of the big game, you can bet that there will be luxury at every turn during the Juventus vs Real Madrid game next weekend. Give the other jets a run for their money with Victor, and fly London to Cardiff on a Citation CJ2 (which can hold up to 6 passengers) and costs £5,952 for a same day return (please note that this is strictly subject to landing slots and private jet parking, as booking opportunities are now limited).

Roland Garros, French Open Tennis, May 22nd-June 11th

Travel the world in style this summer

The French Open, just underway, should be an essential date in every gentleman’s yearly diary, and for good reason. It’s not only one of the most exciting events in the sporting calendar, but also one of the most exclusive – and there’s truly no better way to spend a weekend than one with your friends and family here. Depending on your plans, Victor has two options for you. Either travel from London to Paris in a Citation Mustang on a one-way ticket for £3,911, or spend the night there before your return for £5,845.

Tour de France, July 1st

Travel the world in style this summer

The Tour de France is renowned for being one of the most exciting races of the year – and for good reason and this year, with The Grand Depart happening in Dusseldorf, there’s truly no better time to watch. Head there with Victor either one-way or for the weekend in a Citation Mustang, for either £3,911 or £5,845 respectively.

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