This world-first, alcohol-free drink packs a punch

PUNCHY has been made for the young health-conscious consumer who still loves a fiery drink

Throwing parties can be a stressful affair. From perfecting your playlist to your guestlist, you also need to make sure every kind of drinker can be catered for; social drinkers, gluten-free drinkers, non-drinkers, only-on-the-weekend-drinkers, diet-drinkers, and vegan drinkers. How can you ensure everyone has a drink they can enjoy and aren’t left ordering a never-ending supply of lime and soda?

This world-first, alcohol-free drink packs a punch

Enter Paddy Cavanagh-Butler, the genius behind the spiced rum drink, PUNCHY. He wants everyone to be able to enjoy a drink that brings people together and doesn’t leave anyone out. The fiery peach spice libation comes in two variations – an alcoholic one of 4 per cent ABV and the alcohol-free version (a world-first for a rum punch) which tastes almost identical.

PUNCHY prides itself on being made entirely out of natural ingredients that helps to keep the sugar levels low and the tipple vegan-friendly.

While this might seem like an incredibly modern concoction, PUNCHY is traditional. The term punch is derived from the Sanskrit for five (pañc) and so, to be a true punch, Cavanagh-Butler made sure his new beverage has five distinct flavours; peach, ginger and chai spices, as well as premium rum or natural rum flavouring for those who prefer their mornings hangover free.

This world-first, alcohol-free drink packs a punch

Next time you’re throwing a get-together and start to stress, just stock the fridge with a few choice bottles of PUNCHY, available right now from Selfridges, so everyone from the only-on-the-weekend drinker to the on-a-diet drinker are catered for.

This world-first, alcohol-free drink packs a punch


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