This is your chance to own James Bond’s Aston Martin

Daniel Craig’s Centennial Vanquish goes up for auction later this month. You should want it

Suave, sharp-witted and sexy, James Bond embodies the essence of the quintessential gentleman. 

And, although you may not have mastered all of 007’s essential skills — that Casino Royale beach body is all but unobtainable and being shot off the roof of a moving train inadvisable —  there is now one part of your life you can upgrade to superspy status: your car.

"There is now one part of your life you can upgrade to superspy status: your car..."

This month, internationally-renowned auction house Christie’s are selling Daniel Craig’s personal Aston Martin Centenary Vanquish. With Craig’s tenure as 007 coming to an end, it looks like he’s ready to hang up his Walther PPK once and for all and scrub all traces of Bond from his life. But there’s a charitable angle, too — profits will go to charity The Opportunity Network. We’d give our right arm for this special-edition vanquish, but why should you?

It’s not just a car — it’s a milestone in Aston history

This is your chance to own James Bond’s Aston Martin

In celebration of their 100th anniversary in 2014, Aston Martin dreamt up the Centenary Vanquish at their global headquarters in Warwickshire, producing a limited run of just 100 cars. Naturally, Craig’s is numbered 007.

Craig has made the role his own since taking up the mantle in 2005, and has grossed over $3.5 billion across his four appearances. Despite his next appearance being his last, Craig is likely to get behind the wheel on an Aston again. He said of this particular model: “The Vanquish is a tour-de-force of automobile engineering — and a distinct pleasure to drive.”

Bidding will hit heady heights - but all for a good cause

This one of a kind car will set you back an estimated $400,000 — $600,000 at the Manhattan auction. If you’re itching to get bidding, but need to justify the expenditure, just remember: All profits will go to The Opportunity Network, a charity for which Daniel Craig is a board member.

And it’s not just the car you win. In addition to owning a car tailored for the world’s most famous spy, the highest bidder will also meet with Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Director, Marek Reichman, and receive an exclusive tour of the Aston Martin factory.

Each detail was painstakingly crafted by Craig himself

This is your chance to own James Bond’s Aston Martin

Speaking of Reichman, the designer collaborated directly with Craig in the design studio, meaning that his personal tastes shine through. A fondness for dark colours is evident in his choice of deep blue, hand-stitched, luxury leather and a unique Centenary edition midnight blue exterior, which added 18 hours to an already extensive 50 hour process to accomplish that graduated paint finish.

A look under the bonnet will leave you shaken, not stirred

A roaring V12 delivers a top speed of 183mph, and lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre structure means the Vanquish is light on its toes. Should you find yourself late for a meeting, or in a tight spot chasing a supervillain, this is an engine that’ll have you covered.

The car may have been originally designed for Craig to use to cruise around Hollywood, but as an international man of mystery, you’ll get used to that Americanised left hand drive and automatic gearbox in no time. And what a car – we reckon even Q would be impressed…

This is your chance to own James Bond’s Aston Martin

Daniel Craig's Aston Martin Centenary Vanquish

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