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This incredible Mercedes Maybach is a speedster fit for a supervillain

A pinstripe grille, sweeping dark lines, touchscreens and quilted leather interior? You’re only missing the volcano lair to park it in…

Let’s make one thing clear: we don’t think that the people lucky enough to drive the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet are bad people. But isn’t there just something evil about this two-seater concept?

It may look as though it has dark deeds on its mind, but this incredible speedster has a heart of gold. With an electric powertrain, it boats an emission-free footprint — and has a few more tricks up its sharply tailored sleeves…

This incredible Mercedes Maybach is a speedster fit for a supervillain

It measure almost six metres in length, and is so curvy we almost don’t know where to look. Sweeping lines stretch from back to bonnet, and the design uses art deco proportions to create something that, although undoubtedly very modern, looks decidedly classic.

The strong contrast between the dark, nautical blue metallic paintwork and chrome highlights does a lot for the styling, clearly defining areas of the cabriolet and ensuring that the car remains a powerful presence wherever it’s parked (preferably in a lair of some sort).

Everything, from the intelligent drive systems to that pinstripe suit-inspired front grille, screams authority — and promises to command which ever roads it drives along.

Inside, there’s not only room to relax, but reason to relax, too. A luxurious interior if ever we’ve seen one, the generous, flowing design is upholstered in crystal white, high-quality nappa leather and affords passengers the feel of a drinks lounge rather than a sports car.

There’s rose gold trim elements, and the seats are finished using the same techniques as Chesterfield furniture. Every single button on the seat quilting is also individually backlit with the Mercedes star — because too much is still never enough for this low-slung, inky-coloured, sharply-designed speedster.

And the speeds and range are incredible for an electric car. Over 200 miles can be charged into the tank, and it’ll zoom you up to 100 kph in under four seconds. But, let’s be honest, you’re not slipping into this four-wheeled piece of art for the performance.

No, you’re buying one of these if you want to make an impression. Either that, or because you’ve got your eye on world domination…

This incredible Mercedes Maybach is a speedster fit for a supervillain

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet

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