The Summer Line from Crockett & Jones will put a spring in your step

Created with natural crepe soles, the capsule collection combines maximum comfort and flexibility for the ultimate summer shoes

Natural crepe is a curious material. We’ve likely all owned a pair of shoes that use it, but we’d wager that not many of us actually know much about this wonder of the natural world.

Predominantly made from latex, it’s harvested in liquid form – tapped directly from a rubber tree without doing any harm to it. It’s then coagulated, pressed and rolled into sheets. The result is the purest form of latex rubber.

The advantage of using this material for the soles of shoes is that, as well as being sustainable, it softens with every wear without losing its quality. Perfect, then, for storied British shoemakers Crockett & Jones ‘new ‘Summer Line.’

They’re known for their quality of construction and, by adding all-natural crepe rubber soles to their collection, they’ve brought out a fully repairable collection that is as much about casual comfort as it is high-quality craftsmanship.

From chukkas to Chelsea boots, Crockett & Jones have reinvented some of their key styles with these hardy soles — and we’ve rounded up the best below…

Strap up a crepe-soled monk shoe this summer

Monk straps may have begun their leather-crafted lives in friaries, but recent years have seen these shoes step out into the wider world, and become mainstays of formal wardrobes — not to mention go-to footwear for office workers around the globe.

So, this summer, why not up the versatility of this style even further? Crockett & Jones’ Flore III monk straps in snuff suede are unlined and have been developed to offer new levels of comfort with their all-natural crepe soles. The resulting design is ideal for the wedding season and working week alike.

The Summer Line from Crockett & Jones will put a spring in your step

Crockett & Jones Flore III


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Slip on a pair of reliable, colourful Chelsea boots

There’s something timeless about a Chelsea boot. And we don’t mean that they’ll continue to look stylish year-upon-year — although they will. We mean that they’ll look stylish regardless of the season. So, if you were thinking about retiring this style for the warmer months, look only to Crockett & Jones to see how these boots can be tailored perfectly for summer.

With the same innovative all-natural crepe rubber sole as other shoes in their Summer Line, the Cranleighs also come cast in mid-blue suede to add a burst of colour to your wardrobe. Unlined for comfort during summer, they’re durable, reliable and sure to turn heads.

The Summer Line from Crockett & Jones will put a spring in your step

Crockett & Jones Cranleigh


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Lace up the most comfortable suede chukka boots

Chuck on a pair of chukkas at any time of the year and you’ll look the part. But there’s something about slipping on these practical, simple shoes during summer that will set you up for any sun-soaked adventure that might come stepping your way.

And there are few soles better suited to adventure than natural crepe. Comfortable and reliable, Crockett & Jones’ Hartland II unlined derby boots are equipped with these hardy soles, and boast an upper of the softest suede — meaning that, wherever you may find yourself, you’ll both look the part and feel fresh at all times.

The Summer Line from Crockett & Jones will put a spring in your step

Crockett & Jones Hartland II


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