The Pick: The perfect late summer scent

Looking for a Mediterranean musk? Allow Floris London to whisk you away...

James Bond, jet-setting, globe-trotting superspy, makes his penchant for Floris products clear in novels from Diamonds are Forever to Dr. No. So if they’re good enough for 007, they’re good enough for you. And, if you don’t get away to the tropical locales in which Bond frequently finds himself, then this aftershave is the one for you – as it will transport your straight to the Mediterranean coast.

The Pick: The perfect late summer scent

With a scent that brings to mind the cooling sea breeze and crystal clear waters of the Amalfi coast in Italy, Floris’ Bergamotto Di Positano Eau De Parfum has refreshing top notes of bergamot and mandarin. The heady scent is enriched with a smooth, creamy heart of orange blossom and vanilla, and finishes with a base of amber, ginger and ambrette – a tropical asian plant that yields a fragrant oil.

This is the perfect aftershave to see out summer. It’ll allow you to clutch to those final vestiges of the warmer months, without seeming too sad or melancholy. Seamlessly spritzed onto everything from black tie to beachwear, this classic Floris scent is one of the cornerstones of their range for a reason. Don’t believe us? Just ask 007.

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