The Great Successor: 10 Years of Tim Cook at Apple

Steve Jobs’ protege has been running the show at Apple for a decade. From highs, lows and dramas, this is the story of his tenure

Born on November 1st 1960 in Mobile, Alabama, there was nothing in Timothy Donald Cooks early life to suggest he would end up running one of the most successful companies in the world. But, a decade into his tenure as Apple CEO that is indeed the position he has found himself in.

Starting out with a degree from Auburn University, Cook spent 12 years working with IBM, eventually becoming the director of North American fulfilment. In 1997 he was hired by Steve Jobs, beginning a long friendship and working relationship (when Jobs was diagnosed with cancer, Cook reportedly offered him part of his liver after finding out they shared a rare blood type. Jobs refused).

When Jobs resigned in 2011 he named Cook his successor on August 24, 2011. Six weeks later, Jobs died due to complications from pancreatic cancer. With his friend and mentor gone, Cook had large shoes (and turtlenecks) to fill. 

The next decade was a resounding success. Its a decade which, according to The Economist, makes Cook the most successful CEO ever; between his promotion to CEO in 2011 to 2020 Cook had doubled the company’s revenue and increased its market value from $348 billion to $1.9 trillion. 

Cooks sale of $750m of his own Apple stock last moth may suggest hes about to step down, while others think he has a few years in him yet. The future remains unknown, but, for now, lets take a look back at some of Cooks most memorable moments from the past 10 years as Apple CEO.

Cook in 2021

He’s responsible for continually streamlining the company

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