The Diary: FuoriConcorso brings four-wheel masterpieces, both classic and contemporary, to Lake Como

To celebrate the very pinnacle of automotive culture, this year Larusmiani exhibited timeless Italian cars and some of Porsche’s most innovative designs

From 21–22 May, Lake Como played host to some of the most iconic and singular car designs in history, thanks to FuoriConcorso, luxury Milanese label Larusmiani’s renowned annual event that showcases the very best in the automotive world. 

To celebrate the pinnacle of car culture, this year Larusmiani expanded its format and event across three storied villas (it is usually held over two) – Villa del Grumello, Villa Sucota, and Villa Olmo – a move that many have viewed as a significant step towards creating a future Como Car Week.

One notable part of the FuoriConcorso schedule was the Open Museum, held at Villa Olmo, a 1797 Simone Cantoni-designed setting, which saw a selection of 22 genre-bending, iconic Italian cars from the Museo Nazionale dell’ Automobile taken from its museum floors in Turin to the shores of Como.

This effort in spotlighting one of the world’s oldest and most important car museums included a Fiat Chiribiri, a vehicle famed for breaking a world speed record for the timed kilometre from a flying start, in 1912; the Bizzarrini 1900 GT “Europa” from 1966, one of twelve said to be made; and a Ferrari 500 F2, imagined by Enzo Ferrari, engineered by Aurelio Lampredi, and driven to world championship victory by Alberto Ascari, in 1952 and 1953. 

“[Villa Olmo is the] perfect setting for a very special exhibition – and every year we will host a world-class car museum, a foundation or a collection at this outstanding location, taking their cars out of these holy halls and giving them visibility way beyond their usual audience,” said Guglielmo Miani, chief-exec of Larusmiani, in a recent interview.  

Meanwhile, in the gardens of the two other villas, there were displays of the most creative custom-built cars (and prototypes) ever built at the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, from a striking bright-orange Porsche 959, one of the most exclusive drives on the planet, to the Porsche 911 Vision Safari, which is defined by its white body that’s cut through by blue-and-red go-faster stripes. 

For a glimpse of the elegant lines, flowing chassises, and skilful paintjobs that were on display at Lake Como, take a look below… 

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