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The best beard washes and shampoos to freshen up your grooming routine

You take good care of your hair - so why neglect your beard?

You’ve spent years growing your beard, patiently nurturing it from overgrown stubble through that awkward patchy phase and, finally, to the luscious, carefully trimmed facial hair you sport today. You’re proud – and rightly so – but now you have a glorious beard you’re going to need to take care of it and that means investing in a dedicated beard wash or shampoo.

So what’s the difference between hair shampoo and beard shampoo? Beard hair is thicker than regular hair while the skin beneath it is more sensitive meaning that frequent use of normal shampoo will have a drying effect and strip your beard of its natural oils. In order to avoid irritation, beard shampoos are blended with moisturising oils to protect both hair and skin and can be used up to five times a week to keep your beard in tip top condition. Sold? Here are the best beard washes and shampoos to buy now…

The best classic beard washes

Simple, uncomplicated – but utterly effective – a classic beard wash will transform your beard from scruffy and straggly to sleek and moisturised. Take Percy Nobleman’s chic pump-action product, for example. Designed for daily use and created with 95% organic ingredients, its base of shea butter, sesame oil and coconut oil is infused with natural cedar wood and lime essential oils for a refreshing wash with a light fragrance.

Likewise, Copenhagen Grooming’s foam wash features moisturising provitamin B5 and promises to rid your beard of dirt while retaining the natural oils necessary for keeping it healthy. Murdock’s signature beard shampoo, too, is pH balanced, sulphate-free and stylish enough to earn a place in any bathroom cabinet.

percy nobleman beard wash

Percy Nobleman beard wash


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copehagen grooming beard wash

Copenhagen Grooming 8AM Splash


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The best multitasking beard washes

As a rule we wouldn’t usually recommend a 2-in-1 or multitasking product. These jack-of-all-trades can be useful for short term use – for example, when travelling – but tend to offer subpar results in the long term. However, we understand that, when it comes to busy morning grooming routines, adding an extra product specifically for washing your beard may not be your highest pre-coffee priority so finding a product that can multitask effectively is a must.

Defying the conventional notion that you should never use classic shampoo on your beard, System Professional’s Triple Shampoo has been formulated with creatine to be gentle enough to use on hair, body and beard. Anthony’s offering, meanwhile, contains naturally exfoliating bilberry fruit extract alongside rosemary, blackcurrant and coconut oil to cleanse and condition in one easy step. Or invest in a bottle of Guardenza’s Valdivian beard and face wash. Created using natural, organic ingredients, its higher price tag is easily justified by the time it will save you in the shower.

system professional beard shampoo

System Professional Man Triple Shampoo


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anthonys beard wash

Anthony conditioning beard wash


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guardenza beard wash

Guardenza Valdivian beard and face wash


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The best beard shampoo bars

Free from single-use plastics, environmentally friendly and just as effective as their bottled counterparts, shampoo bars are the modern man’s answer to beard cleansing. Formulated with olive oil, coconut oil, castor seed oil, cocoa, aloe vera and jojoba seed oil, Brighton Beard Co.’s shampoo bar is packed full of ingredients that nourish and hydrate both beard and skin. Mariner Jack’s offering, meanwhile, is perfectly formulated for sensitive skin and is available in four elegant fragrances while Heyland & Whittle’s shampoo bar harnesses the expertise of one of England’s largest soap makers – along with cleansing activated charcoal – to create a soothing soap also suitable for use on the face.

brighton beard co shampoo bar

The Brighton Beard Co. Miller’s shampoo bar


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mariner jacks shampoo bar

Mariner Jack’s beard soap


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heyland whittle shampoo bar

Heyland & Whittle charcoal beard bar


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Now you’ve got that sorted, how often should you be washing your hair?

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