What to wear to Wimbledon

Ensure you look ace at Britain's biggest sporting spectacle

Ah, Wimbledon. We love it. It’s ace. But enough ham-fisted tennis puns. The most prestigious tennis event of the year is upon us, and with it comes the pressure of one of the most stringent dress codes in the sporting calendar.

So, even though you may be able to whip up an unrivalled strawberries and cream, pick the best bottle of prosecco, and can’t wait to recline on Murray Mound to enjoy a picnic surrounded by lush greenery, perhaps you first need to approach your wardrobe with the same care you do your hamper.

The ladies of centre court must only look ‘summery’, and obviously most of the players opt for the safe, monochromatic all-white ensembles. But gents pull the short straw, and are expected to turn up, turned out in their finest finery.

So, in order to help you avoid any concerns you may have surrounding appropriate spectating attire, we have put together a few items which will not only help to inspire your outfit choice – but will also ensure that you socially breeze about the Royal and celebrity attendees.

Stick to a lightweight suit

Although our heatwave may have passed, it’s still a wise idea to dress lightly. Even if the weather is inclement, being squashed into your seat next to excitable sports fans will inevitably lead to some serious heat on centre court, and you’ll want something breathable, lightweight and comfortable to wear whilst cheering.

Go green


It’s not a tip usually given, as green is one of the most difficult colours to pull off, but next to the manicured grass of centre court, nothing says ‘I know my tennis’ more so than racing green tie, or khaki jacket.

Try nautical influences

It may sound strange but, for some unfathomable reason, nautical influenced-fashion just looks right in tennis circles. Those brass buttons, those double-breasted blazers, that navy/white colour pairing – we don’t know why it works, but it does.

Choose your trousers wisely

Although jeans are allowed – except for torn ones – trousers overall are a minefield at Wimbledon. If you’ve got a ticket, then you shouldn’t get in too much trouble with your white linen duds, but sit out on Henman Hill – or Murray Mound, as it has come to be known – in those same trousers and grass stains will undoubtedly ruin your day.

Tailored shorts are now acceptable

Recent years have seen the shorts-rule revoked, and men are now allowed to let their legs breathe – within reason. But put away your Bermuda shorts, or sports shorts – or short shorts for that matter – because tailored is still the only fit that’s tolerated.

Tie up the Member’s Enclosure

Whilst ties are no longer compulsory across all spectators, you’ll still need to knot up if you’re heading for the Member’s Enclosure. Pair it with a block colour shirt and either a blazer or suit as explored above.

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