Take a look inside the world’s most expensive restaurant

With agate stone decoration and priceless works of art hanging on the walls, Scott’s this week revealed the most expensive restaurant interior in the world

There are some restaurants that strip back their decor, toning down colours and textures so they don’t detract from your food. They sit you at no-nonsense chairs, do away with tablecloths and couldn’t care less about the art on the walls. Scott’s, on Mayfair’s Mount Street, is not one of those restaurants. 

In fact, this month, the eatery has unveiled a new private dining space, The Platinum Arowana Room. Tucked behind the main restaurant and measuring in at just nine square metres, this intimate space may sound cosy and discrete — but it is, in fact, the most expensive restaurant interior in the world.

£6 million has been spent to create The Platinum Arowana Room, which takes its name from the world’s most unique and rare fish. The show-stopping green, semi-precious agate stone floor ensures the space sits on expensive foundations, and subtle Lalique lighting softly casts its glow across the bespoke mirror-panelled walls.

But the most impressive feature of the room is the artwork. Housing a magnificent collection of works from historically renowned artists, the space showcases pieces from Renoir, Valtat and Louis Roy. Notable pieces include Chagall’s 1928 experimental masterpiece, La Danse, as well as Pissarro’s Portrait du Peintre Ludovic Piette, Avec Son Chapeau Rond — an education in impressionist portraiture.

And the expense extends to the menu. If you’re lucky enough to take a hand-finished, gilded seat in The Platinum Arowana Room, you’ll enjoy such opulent dishes as golden pearl caviar and twice baked lobster soufflé with shaved white truffle. Dessert will follow in a similarly spectacular fashion. Think gold leaf salted caramel truffles and pink Champagne jelly.

Of course, the food had to be this sumptuous to do the decor justice — and these standards are upheld way into the wine list. Bolgheri Sassicaia, the world’s greatest Cabernet Sauvignon, is on offer, as well as Britain’s only Jeroboam of Boerl & Kroff 1995, all decanted into fine Baccarat Harcourt Empire glassware.

So, if you’ve got six to eight guests looking for the most decadent dining experience money can buy, this is surely it…

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