The summer trainer named for a superstar

Rubirosa's new sneakers honour Joan Crawford

The Swiss menswear label Rubirosa, named after the international diplomat Porfirio Rubirosa, is renowned for naming their luxury footwear after the Dominican’s most famous indulgence; women.

With shoes bearing such names as Ava – after classic cinema star Ava Gardner – and Zsa Zsa – to honour Hungarian-born socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor, the latest style to be launched celebrates Joan Crawford.

The summer trainer named for a superstar

One of Hollywood’s most prominent film stars, Crawford was one of the highest paid women in the United States during her career – and was close friends with Rubirosa himself.

Crafted from calfskin, the Italian-made Joan sneaker pays homage to Crawford, and is styled as a casual low-top with a rubber sole. The shoe is available in six different colours.

The summer trainer named for a superstar

Black, brown, white, pearl, red vintage and orange vintage are your choices, and each design boasts brogue detailing – a feature that allows these sneakers to blur the line between casual and formal, particularly in the darker colours.

Unlike many leather sneakers, Rubirosa have fashioned both the inner side and sole out of the same leather used for the upper, creating a natural climate for the foot and increased comfort.

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