These 7 shoes will step up your style game this summer

From unstructured loafers to ultra-breathable boots, Northamptonshire-based Cheaney will lay a firm foundation for your warm weather wardrobe…

The sun is shining on Cheaney. As summer approaches, the Northamptonshire-based, handcrafted brand has revealed its latest collection of sumptuous, warm weather shoes — and it’s as bright and bold a capsule of colourful, style-spanning footwear as we’ve ever slipped on.

From unlined, unstructured loafers to ultra-breathable boots, there’s a huge range of designs on offer. But, despite the envelopes pushed and the moulds broken, neither elegance nor comfort have been compromised. Instead, the timeless reliability and sustainability of the British brand’s core collection can be found in every eyelet and stacked sole of the new season’s shoes.

So, if you’re looking to step up your footwear game this summer, here are seven styles from Cheaney’s new collection to get you started…

Brighten up your brogues

As we step into summer, everything tends to go a bit ‘sneakers and sliders’ for our traditional lace-up tastes. And, while a pair of burnished black or deep brown brogues may indeed look out of place on a gloriously sun-soaked day, there’s nothing wrong — in principle — with wearing the wing-tipped, decoratively-perforated style throughout summer.

And Cheaney’s new collection is here to prove it. In lighter, brighter shades, the ‘Arthur III’ and ‘Winchester’ styles are sunnier in colour; offering light chestnut or rich reddish spins on your usual formal, fully leather-lined shoes. And, thanks to five-eyelet fastenings, delicate punch detailing and those smooth, slender silhouettes, there’s no sacrificing style.

Not all sandals are sliders

And not all Derby shoes are smart. Unlike the brogues above — elegant and embellished — Cheaney’s most rakish new release is a perfectly practical hybrid of lace-up shoe and sandal; a slotted Derby ideal for the summer months and named for one of Britain’s best, most sunny seaside resorts, the ‘Brighton’.

Standing on stacked leather heels — but made breathable thanks to a detailed, ventilated upper design — the shoemaker’s newest innovation blends fun and functionality. They’re available in black or deep brown leather, versatile enough to keep you cool on even the warmest summer day — but still boast the strength, support and longevity of a Goodyear-welted sole.

Boots aren’t just for winter

We may have slipped off our Chelseas and kicked away our chukkas, but perhaps the summer season isn’t the best time to give our boots the proverbial. Cheaney certainly thinks there’s a place for them in the sun — and the British brand has unveiled a pair of new high-ankled, sturdy-soled designs for summer.

There’s the ‘Bury’ Balmoral boot, fully lined with leather and sleekly standing on a Goodyear-welted double diamond rubber sole. It’s a smart-casual saviour; ideal for any summer weddings with relaxed dress codes. Or, for the more adventurous amongst you, the ‘Torridon’ hiker boot sees a comfortable combination of calf leather and printed suede sit on a lightweight Vibram sole.

Make a multi-material style statement

Perhaps the boldest new season style from the shoemaker, the ‘Edwin’ two-tone Derby shoe takes the breathable, casual canvas of a good summer sneaker and intercuts it with the punched, decorative detailing of a handsome brogue. It’s a striking, statement look — and one guaranteed to introduce a little ‘Gatsby’ into your warm weather wardrobe.

Available in a trio of different colour combinations — our favourite sees ‘Mocha’ leather meet light-brown canvas — this classic style takes its idiosyncratic cues from ‘Spectator Shoes’, popular in the United States during the 1920s and 1930s, and associated with jazz musicians and gangsters in equal elegant measure.

Find the most flexible loafers you can

And, lastly, to loafers. The ‘Harry II’ design is perhaps the perfect tassel-trimmed design; with detailed lacing and a hand-burnished finish that’ll step you safely and soundly through summer and into the more inclement autumn weather. It also stands on a practical ‘extraflex’ sole.

But the best simple slip-on for summer is Cheaney’s inimitable ‘Toby’ loafer. In the traditional ‘penny’ style, the semi-lined shoe is perfect for packing into your suitcase; with an unstructured build and extra-flexible cemented sole that’ll allow you to zip them away for your next getaway — while also completing your collection of the seven best shoes for summer.

These 7 shoes will step up your style game this summer

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