The Pick: The essential watch for the jet-setting gentleman

Time zones can confused travellers and globe-trotters. But not renowned watchmaker Chopard…

From jet lag to lost luggage, travelling can be stressful. Hopping countries and continents to new and exciting destinations may sound glamorous on paper, but when the logistics of international trips go awry, it’s nice to be organised. Enter Chopard, whose L.U.C Time Traveller One is fast approaching its first anniversary and remains the most indispensable watch for jet-setting gents the world over.

The Pick: The essential watch for the jet-setting gentleman

Impeccably elegant, flawless in quality and crafted with state-of-the-art technical sophistication, the Time Traveller One boasts a complication that displays all time zones simultaneously. With a beautiful silvered face with dark blue accents, the destinations around the dial stretch from London to Los Angeles, Moscow to Mexico – and the world timer uses a rotating 24-hour ring to co-ordinate the time in all of the cities.

When you land in whatever far-flung land you find yourself, you must use the crown at 2 to set the local time and date. Once set, just glance at your current city, read the corresponding hour from the 24-hour display and the minutes from the minute hand. An icon now one year into creating a legacy, this globe-trotter’s timepiece also features a sapphire crystal case back, and is secured for good onto even the most adventurous of traveller’s wrists by a brown alligator leather strap.

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