Why a perfect white shirt can make you a better man

T. M. Lewin look to Lineker - footballs’ most upstanding player - to explain why a pristine shirt can help you keep a clean sheet

Even the most noble and honest football career is marred by the odd indiscretion. Be this off the pitch or – more likely – on, every player is bound to stumble and be booked once in a blue moon. But Gary Lineker, the Leicester-born striker-turned-sports pundit, never once saw a yellow or red card during his entire professional career. And now you too can keep a clean slate, according to the sportsman, as he believes one humble garment is the key to keeping you on the straight and narrow: a crisp, white shirt.

Gentleman’s dress shirt retailer T. M. Lewin have recently partnered with Lineker so the striker can make his pristine point. Now offering their famous white shirt range for £25 each, no matter how many you buy, Lineker has recently faced the brand’s campaign to showcase all styles of their shirting.

The perfect white shirt, crisp, classic and brilliantly white, the Fitted White Oxford is a traditional cut. The immaculate, non-iron shirt offers a flawless finish even with pure cotton, and is available in a textured twill. The innovative stretch shirt, designed with 5 per cent Lycra for increased mobility, is at once fitted and flexible. And  for those classier evenings, the debonair dress shirt, with its exquisite formal detailing is suitable for any occasion – from hosting an awards ceremony to accepting the Golden Boot.

Gentleman’s dress shirt retailer T. M. Lewin have recently partnered with Lineker so the striker can make his pristine point

Tim Patten, customer director of TM Lewin, said: “We wanted to launch a campaign that would create fame and interest for TM Lewin amongst a younger 25-34-year-old audience, who are yet to establish their brand of choice for workwear.

“When we decided to work with Gary, we knew we had to do something special and a bit cheeky – we launched unbranded naked images of the star, in the lead up to the launch of the campaign and it certainly created the speculation we were looking for.”

But, despite these cheeky intentions, the white shirt is still being heralded as a way to improve your posture, style and character – to better yourself, and become the pristine, squeaky clean modern man your shirting suggests. So why not invest in the best, follow in the footballing footsteps of Lineker, and discover the virtues of the humble white shirt?


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