How to do the perfect bicep curl

Work out your arms the right way

Is there a clearer symbol of modern man’s fitness than a toned bicep?

Alongside pull-ups and push-ups, the bicep curl has long been a favoured training method for those looking to bulk up their upper arms – and few things are more satisfying than pulling it off with perfect technique. Follow these steps below and you’ll find those gruelling weights impossible to put down.

1. Take the weight off your feet

If you’re trying to work the upper body, you shouldn’t be holding up the weight with your legs. Either sit with a single barbell, or stand with a narrow stance (feet below your hips) and switch between alternate arms and both at once.

2. Take your time

It’s easy to be too zealous when it comes to repetitive lifts: start by pulling your shoulders back and make sure abs are clenched when attempting the exercise. Grasp an equal weight in each hand, palms facing each other – then twist and raise your palms upward, bringing the bells to shoulder level before returning. Keep your biceps in place by your torso; all the leverage should be from elbows down.

How to do the perfect bicep curl

3. Listen to your lungs

Breathe in as you lower, breath out as you lift – it’s much easier to exhale as your chest muscles tighten on the way up.

4. Know your limits

Good technique won’t get you far if you start off with something too heavy. Be sure to warm up in advance and begin with a low weight as you gauge your strength. Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps, gradually increasing the weight with successive workouts.

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