Why you need to buy her gifts all year, not just for Valentine’s Day

The perfect gift for her, no matter what date it is

When it comes to buying a gift for the woman in your life, there are certain areas that you can’t go wrong with. Picking the right jewellery can be a hairy subject, but one that you need to get right if you want any kind of success with the opposite sex. Valentine’s Day is typically the one time of year when men feel the need to up their game and invest in pieces that are guaranteed for success. But we’ve spoken to model, food journalist and jewellery expert, Jemima Jones, to blow that theory out of the water as she tells us when a gentleman should be buying the woman in his life a gift – no matter whether it’s February 14th or not.

Jemima's advice:

“Unlike men women aren’t scared off by someone being  keen – if the feelings are mutual she will be thrilled even during the early days. It shows confidence and that can be very attractive…For me it is all about spontaneous gift-buying year-round, and thoughtful gestures to show your love in your own way. If you DO want to celebrate though and you know she would expect you to, then my advise is to come up with something unique that she will know you have put thought to. You don’t have to organise any grand gestures or anything too cheesy. Whatever the gift you have in mind is, ask yourself whether it will make her smile.

“Don’t be guided by how much you should or shouldn’t spend. As long as you have put some thought in to your gift, and she can see that, she will love it. Think about what she has worn on recent dates and what colours she likes, or whether there are any places she has mentioned that she has always wanted to go. Whether for Valentine’s Day or just to show her you care on ANY other day of the year – earrings are a no-brainer. Choose a pair that can be worn everyday, but that also feel special. Coloured gemstone pieces are perfect. My favourites from Kiki McDonough are the Blue Topaz and Peridot double oval earrings.

“Think about when she chooses to wear jewellery; is she going to be really excited by a show-stopping statement necklace that she will wear out on the tiles, or will she be more turned on by a classic beautiful bracelet.. maybe with a bit of an edge, which her friends will lust after? Follow your instincts, be bold and if in doubt get the bigger, more sparkly option!”

This article was written in collaboration with Kiki McDonough. For more information about the brand, see here.

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